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I don't have any issue whatsoever with using masturbators.

I mean, most of you probably already know that because of my Fleshlight article series.   But I think it's somewhat important, because there's often this attitude that men are given the masturbation equipment from birth (you know, our mitts…) and that should be all we need.  Whereas women, because they've traditionally had more difficulty with the big O, have an enormous industry of people looking to help them achieve it while leaving men, by and large, at the back gates scrounging for scraps.  (Like the metaphor?  Me neither…I'm gonna move on.)

When a product comes along that seems to be aiming to right that wrong, to balance the scales as it were, well, that's worth taking notice of.  And from the first moment I saw Pipedream's RotoBator, I thought that might be something damned interesting.  Sitting down with this massive box in front of me, I knew one thing, they tried.  Whereas most men's toys give off the distinct feeling of “afterthought” (or sometimes NO thought), this one came in a glossy black box featuring a proud looking man using the product.  (The man is a silhouette, not a real man.  And is likely a vector drawing.)  Sliding the cover off revealed a two piece black box much like those that LELO impressed us so much with.  I opened the box to find the RotoBator and its two attachments in custom foam covered with (maybe) black satin.

Kudos on presentation, I'm with ya so far!

The RotoBator looks like a power screwdriver handle with two attachments.  The handle controls are three vibration speeds and three rotation speeds.  At the top of the handle is a large screw that you use to attach either a small disc shaped silicone brush of sorts, filled with tiny silicone nubs, or the larger sleeve, again made of silicone with fins lining it.  I'll admit, first glance at these attachments had me nervous, they looked threatening, with their little nubs and silicone fins.

“Don't be a baby,” my wife told me and handed me four AAs.  I popped them in, screwed the silicone sleeve onto the top and turned it on.  It sure sounded like a screwdriver.  I watched the fins spinning inside the sleeve and put my finger inside, half expecting it to not reemerge.    I was pleasantly surprised.  The fins were gentle, flicking against my finger, and I thought Pipedream may be on to something here…

So later, in the comfort of the Swingset Labs, I poured some waterbased lube into the sleeve (don't use silicone with silicone toys…DON'T YOU DO IT!) and turned the RotoBator on.  The sensation was immediate, and strong.  Even at the lowest setting, the feeling of being surrounded, the spinning never ceasing.  I was quite impressed.  I played with the different levels of the vibration and the different speeds, but for me, best was on 3 for both.

Now, the caveat.  While the sensation was great, it didn't seem to be enough.  As time went on in the session, I didn't get any closer to finishing.  There were a few times I felt like it was almost going to happen but didn't.   So, I stopped, took the sleeve off, spun the small brush like teaser onto the RotoBator and tried that (as the packaging suggested) on my nipples and balls as I took the matter into my own hand.  This I found I enjoyed more than the sleeve, in fact.  Moving this around my balls and cock, I felt some very strong orgasmic sensations.  (Nipples did nothing, but I've NEVER had much enjoyment from those useless things anyway)

So, neither part got me all the way alone, both needing assistance.  That said, I'm sure that someone with a little less of that death grip syndrome that I have would get very far, very quickly with this guy.  I think the greatest missed opportunity is a reverse setting.  I think that were it able to spin in one direction and then quickly switch, it would be gangbusters.   Other issues I noticed is that the motor isn't terribly strong, so as I moved it around, trying to add pressure, it experienced a distinct slow down.   My biggest complaint about it is the way the attachments go on.  It takes some effort and co-ordination to unscrew one and screw in the other, especially when your hands are covered in lube (and you'll DEFINITELY need that)

So, with a few shortcomings, the RotoBator from Pipedream is a fine effort on behalf of men who want fucking machines…you girls can't have ALL the fun!

Full Disclosure: We did not purchase this product, it was sent to us specifically for review. Our policy is to, regardless of how we acquired a product, review it fairly and openly. No writer for Life On The Swingset will ever deliberately mislead our readers into believing that a product is good because of anything we received from the company. We are open and honest, and cannot be bought or bribed. If we love a product, we'll tell you, if we don't, BELIEVE us, we'll tell you that too. End disclaimer.


About Cooper Cooper S. Beckett is the co-founder and host of Life on the Swingset: The Podcast since 2010, author of swinging & polyamory novels A Life Less Monogamous and Approaching The Swingularity, and memoir My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory. He teaches and speaks on swinging, polyamory, pegging, play parties, and coloring outside the boundaries of your sexuality. He is a graphic & web designer, photographer, and voice over artist, has been a guest expert on Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast, & is the announcer of Tristan Taormino’s radio show Sex Out Loud. He is currently working on two instructional non-fiction books, one about beginning non-monogamy, and another about pegging.


  1. I'm so glad to see a review of this thing. The name is so bad that I immediately dismissed it, but it seems like it could be nice with a couple of improvements.

  2. Roto-Bator User..... on

    Well, from a guy who just recently sunk nearly a thousand dollars into masterbation toys for men, I must have bought nearly ten of the things, I thought that I waisted all my money. Were it not for the one last purchase, A product called Roto-Bator, made by Pipe Dream. I would have given up all together with only a dream of what it would be like to be a woman with all those amazing toys. But then I opened up that beutiful black box and pulled out a machine that should be called the Miracle Maker, because it was a miracle. At first it was touch and go, but after about 3 min and some adjustments to the vibrations and the speed settings, I was speeding to the finish line in my very own orgasmic race, and I was winning, Call it a checkered flag, a touch down, a field goal, or a three pointer at the buzzer, call it what ever you like, but I won and it never felt so good. My hats off to a company, and a product that delivered unparraleld enjoyment… Ill be watching for annother brilliant product to make, finally, a man weak at the knees… Thanks

  3. I recently received a toy from a company in Japan.  Similar concept, but, much more engineering.  Working on a review for them.  Will share it when I am done.  

  4. I doubt my review will make it onto the page,  because the other writers are obviously fakes,  or shills because this  thing is absolutely worthless.   Don’t believe me,  check reviews at other sites.

  5. I doubt my review will make it onto the page,  because the other writers are obviously fakes,  or shills because this  thing is absolutely worthless.   Don’t believe me,  check reviews at other sites.

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