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This Is SillyI have been a Swingset-er for a long time, yet have barely any entries published here. That should change. That WILL change! Hello, non-monogs, curious vanillas, kinky bastards, fetishists, queers, and anyone else out there who might happen to be reading. My name is Blue and it's been a ridiculous long time since I've written to you, and for that, I apologize. I'm just too damn happy. My poly life is happy now, and that left me with nothing to write about. <–dirty lies

I should try harder to find things to write about. And I will. It's on my bucket list, after all. I started up a new blog, on which I will submit articles about whatever the fuck I like because it's my blog and that's how I roll. Life on the Swingset has always, I feel, deserved something better. Something with PURPOSE. I joined, thinking, “Oh! Well, opening my relationship will SURELY give me plenty to write about!” And it did, for a while. Do you know how complicated and crazy things got? Well, it was a mess, let me tell you. Look, that was so long ago, I can't even remember what my codename for my husband was (without checking, of course). For my own sanity and for a little continuity, let's call him Yellow. My live-in girlfriend is Red. Together, we are the Primary House.

(get it? yellow, red, blue? primary??)

We are blissful. Peaceful. Happy. Normal.

That's going to change soon. Well, the “normal” part. You see, even though Yellow and Red are both very, VERY vanilla and ordinary (bless their little hearts), I am kinky. I'm a sadistic kitten. And I need my play. I thought I would be fine on the sidelines for a while, and maybe I was, but NO MORE! I need an outlet. A BDSM outlet. So I did two very extreme things:

1. I signed up for Sinclair Sexsmith‘s Submissive Playground. It's not exactly a class, not exactly training, but it's a good step toward the kind of D/s relationship foundation I'm looking for. Really, if you want to know more about it, click the link and watch the video.

2. I secured a spot at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire! Holy. Shit. I have never been to a convention by myself before!! I have never been to a kink convention at ALL! And so close to home, in DC, I couldn't resist. I'm giving it a try. I can't freakin' wait.

So, with those two things going on, and of course my own personal explorings and mumblings (hopefully), I should be more active. (Sorry, Cooper!!) I love the Swingset team, and though they have gotten a LOT bigger since I started, I still kind of hope there's room for one little kitty in this big, sexy family.


mad culinary scientist. curious voyeur. aimless wanderer. geek, nerd, procrastinator. panromantic polyamorous pagan. bdsm switch. refuses to adhere to any of your silly preconceptions.

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