SS 181: Swinging & Polyamory on a Budget – How to Enjoy Your Fabulous Lifestyle For Very Little


We at the Swingset are not wealthy. Despite what some may think, we don't make a fabulous living delivering a free podcast to you folks week after week. Despite that, though, we can afford to go to the occasional party, take the occasional (yearly) trip to Desire, sign up for paying sites. Or at least these ideas aren't incredibly foreign to us. On this episode we talk about how to “do” non monogamy on a budget, and how to make that time count.

Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 573-55-SWING, (573-557-9464), we want your stories, your orgasms, your everything!

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A podcast about swinging, polyamory, open relationships, and "the lifestyle" from the trenches. A diverse group tackles many issues involved with non-monogamy and what it means to be a swinger or polyamorous from the point of view of educating and illuminating what, for many, is a confusing journey to start on. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe via RSS


  1. I am not signed up on swingers websites. However, I resently visit a location with a friend and I had an awesome experienced. I would like to try this with my boyfriend however, he just wants a 3 some with me and another female. I juse don’t know where to find a female that is willing to do a 3 some. Can you help with any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for the ideas on the podcast, guys. I really appreciated the comments regarding having some ‘barriers to entry’, particularly the value in paid dating sites even when you are on a budget. It can really help narrow the focus on who is serious.

    For kicks, though, we signed up for okcupid after listening to the podcast, but it must be a regional/big city type of thing. Where we get lots of attention on other sites, all we are hearing there is crickets. Not a single message yet. Too bad, because I was looking forward to the crazy messages you guys were talking about. Oh well. My cups runneth over already and we’ll keep focussing on what seems to work for the area we’re in.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Kisses to you all!!

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