IF 004: Compersion – Intellectual Foreplay


Prof and Ginger take you for a sail and discuss their introduction and experience with compersion. No worries, the boat isn’t the S.S. Minnow. You’ll make it through this half-hour tour with just a bit of breeze blowing in your ears. Asking each other tough questions about how they each cope when compersion is harder to come by. They dive into their pre-Gin+Prof history and how that led them to dive into compersion with each other. Ginger and Prof also deconstruct jealousy, share when reconnecting is important, and noticing how each person experiences their emotions as strategies for cultivating compersion.

Interested in traveling to Desire with Ginger and Prof in April 2016? Email Ginger for details at ginger@lifeontheswingset.com.

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Ginger and the Professor indulge their sapiosexual selves for discussions about relationships, non-monogamy, and working and playing together.

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