Roses by Any Other Names: Games People Play Pt 2


“Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.” Emerson

Some months ago my role play adventure at the swing/sex club that Wisdom and I enjoy ended with the promise of a part 2, her fantasy won fairly through her trivia wins. But first some backstory.

Wisdom's introduction to kink and swinging came through another partner some time before I met her. Through sensory deprivation, and trial and error they discovered many things she liked, and a few things she didn’t like. She is not a fan of rope, nor of being tied, and (unlike me) does not like suspension at all. One particular discovery that Wisdom finds very hot is being “beaten with roses.” Here is how that works…

The bottom partner is blindfolded, stripped, then sometimes tied, then is paddled and whipped with the flowers and (thorny) stems of a rose bouquet. The heads of the flowers slowly come apart as the impact breaks down the petals that gather around the body of the bottom. This can be combined with sensory play, as one's imagination is the only limit as to how to use flowers and stems and petals.  After all the flowers are spent the blindfold comes off and the top and bottom have sex on a bed strewn with flower petals.

When Wisdom told me about this, and how hot it made her, I knew this should be part of our play. We agreed ahead of time that we would let strangers beat her with the roses under the watchful eyes of Edge and myself. But sex that followed would only be the three of us. I had cleared the idea with club management ahead of time and was told… “As long as you clean up your mess… have fun!”

After we had finished with the schoolgirl role-play. Wisdom changed into a wraparound dress with a rosebud print. And all three of us determined where our next adventure would be. There was an alcove in the club, where a Murphy Bed was installed. This is one of those beds that folds down from the wall like the Tom and Jerry cartoons, but without the mishaps. The only drawback to this setup was the lighting was what one might call subdued… which is to say dark. We brought along an extra lamp to better see what everyone was doing.  We brought our toy bags (Edge has several), Wisdom's Hitachi with extension cord (we really need to get the cordless version), plenty of lube, and three dozen roses. Although Wisdom had played with both Edge and myself at the club in a public setting, this would be the first unveiling of her post cancer body in bright light. The previous encounters were in low light, or the body paint glow of the blacklight. She was excited and nervous about displaying herself to the entire club under bright white light.

Wisdom was a little surprised when she saw the volume of flowers. I told her I didn’t know how many people might want to play… it would be churlish if we didn’t provide enough flowers… wouldn’t it? She smiled one of the biggest smiles I think I have ever seen on her face. Looking around there were twenty or so people in that open area of the club, all intrigued at what on earth was going to happen next. I kissed Wisdom and reached down for the tie holding her dress together and slowly pulled the knot loose. This is honestly my favorite moment, when my partner is still decently garbed, but wanting to be exposed, to lose herself and her clothes and bare herself to all there, body and soul. For me, the transition from something almost respectable to wanton hedonism can be even more fun than the wanton hedonism. Her dress parted, and with nothing on underneath, she stood as the center of attention. Soon the dress was shed altogether, and her “Fight like a Girl” pink ribbon blindfold was placed over her eyes. Naked but unafraid she lay face down on the bed for a flower flogging.

Edge and I began, and since I had not done this before I started by using the single rose as a flogger. I had joked I was going to order the bouquets with “extra thorns.” I had not done so, but I hadn’t ordered thornless either. The heads thwacked against her thighs and buttocks and the petals soon began to fall to her side and between her legs. She sighed as we each reached for another flower, this time using the thorns to lightly scrape her shoulders, the next time to use the petals to ever so softly caress her face. We invited other club members to participate men and women both to take one rose and use it as they would. Several people joined in and Wisdom could not tell who was touching, who was smacking, who was caressing her flesh. A particularly small blossom snapped off a few inches from the flower after only a few hits. I put it aside grumpily thinking that rose was wasted.

We turned Wisdom over so her breasts and pussy were now face up. People changed places as their roses were spent. More roses rubbed and impacted her body and the petals began to accumulate.  I picked up the blossom I had put aside, and I started to press and rub it into the folds of her pussy. The thorns broken off, it became a perfect implement to bring her to greater pleasure. Wisdom came several times with all of us clawing and caressing, slapping and kissing, as roses and petals and people turned into a continual blur of stimulation. Edge and I both worked around each other with ease – one of us reloading our flowers and thorns while the other intensified their attentions, to make in intensity, the temporarily missing partner. Neither one of us needing words to communicate what we were doing, giving Wisdom almost perfect silence to intensify the tactile effects.

And then it was over….

Nothing left but a pile of stems and a ridiculous pile of petals on the bed, on Wisdom, under the bed… petals everywhere.  I placed a rope over the alcove and turned off the added light source at Wisdom's request. The play hadn't ended just because the roses were spent, but the audience participation segment had.

Edge and I stripped and then removed Wisdom’s blindfold. She lay there on her back, covered only with a few rose blossoms, having come several times. “Now take me!” she breathed.

Edge and I both took her, swapping positions and locations, almost seeming as on stage after the earlier performances we had put on. Edge came hard inside her pussy and she finished the night with the Hitachi with my cock inside of her as she gushed and squirted all over the pile.  We lay there in a mass of bodies, sweat, cum, lube, and petals… lots of petals… what a beautiful mess!

We dressed, at least partially, and swept up the piles of petals fallen to the floor from the bed. It really wasn't all that hard to clean up actually. A dust pan and broom did most of the work and in short time. Several of the club's members thanked us for such a display. We were all glad to give Wisdom such a good night. As we left the club, on the way to the car chatting to ourselves in the chill air, Wisdom exclaimed, “I don't need Calgon. You guys take me away!”


The Salmon is exploring swinging and poly as a married single. Married for over 20 years, he and his love explore non-monogamy together and in different ways.


  1. Thanks Bill, There has been quite a bit of change in 2015, some of which you will see posted here in the weeks and months to come. Roses is the first of several posts I have finished recently, though its initial creation was some time ago. Expect to see more shortly.

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