SEAGG 025: The CatalystCon Studio Show – Sex Ed A. Go-Go


Wicked Pictures performer, director and humanitarian, Jessica Drake, and Good Vibrations very own Sex Toy Santa, Andy Duran, joined Lola on stage at Catalyst Con Midwest in Chicago on April 2nd for a special installment of Sex Ed A Go-Go.

We were honored to be asked to be a part of Ccon Studios. Recording with Jessica and Andy was a blast! The show was performed in front of a live audience in a big echo filled room so please excuse the wonky audio.



On this episode of Sex Ed A Go-Go, Lola and the crew chat about popsicles and pop rocks and why they make horrible sex toys, the weirdest places they’ve masturbated, whether or not classy dick pics exist, the “Things my Dick Does” guy, and they share the best sex advice they’ve ever received.

You can find Jessica Drake on Twitter, @TheJessicaDrake

You can find Andy Duran on Twitter as @EducatorAndy


Sex Ed A Go-Go is one part sex Q&A, one part comedy show and a whole lot of fun. Get the ins and outs of in between the sheets naughtiness from Lola and the Pussy Posse!

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