OTWC: 006 – Disclosure – On The Wet Coast


All relationships require communication, but good communication is even more essential in ethically non-monogamous relationships where multiple people's needs and wants intersect. Each partnership has its own needs & rules for disclosure. How & when to make new information known can be one of the big challenges in non-monogamy, especially when saddled with baggage from monogamous upbringing.

On this episode of On The Wet Coast, Kat & Flick talk Disclosure


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On The Wet Coast: Non-monogamous folx Kat Stark and Flick Morrison present a podcast about sexuality and ethical non-monogamy of every variety. We talk polyamory and swinging, monogamish and open relationships; from dirty, dirty sex to heartbreak. We share our personal experiences and philosophy, observations and theories, what works for us...and where we fucked it right up.

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  1. Another great discussion and well worth the wait, guys. As always, there were lots of insightful observations and some points that were very relevant to questions of mine. Also, good tip on how to subtly reveal one’s poly status with a potential paramour.

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