Now THAT is more like it! (Mrs. Said’s POV)


Mr. Said posted about our second swing experience last Saturday night. If you haven't read it yet, do that (I'll wait), because I'm only going to piggy-back off of it with more details and my perspective.

After our first not-so-hot swap experience, I was feeling a little down but was game to try again with a couple who fell a closer to the bull's eye for us. Our second experience went a LONG way toward restoring my enthusiasm for making the effort to find compatible playmates and then enjoying rip-roaring sexy times with them.

My expectations for actually getting it on with another couple last Saturday were non-existent really. Even though this was a swinger's meet-and-greet, it was at a local bar in a private room so the action was going to be tame compared to a night at the swingers' club (i.e. where I feel more pressure to hook-up in the midst of a bunch of other people hooking up). That lack of pressure was reassuring because a big part of deciding if we want to get naked with another couple is about figuring out whether our personalities mesh — and if there's an intellectual connection in addition to a physical attraction. So in my mind, this was the perfect no-pressure situation to see if we would find what had so far been that elusive personality-intellect-physical connection trifecta. If we were lucky, I thought, we would meet another couple there who we found cute – and vice versa – and we would dance, flirt and get to know each other, possibly exchanging some digits for a future encounter. So of course we didn't bring our sex kit for an after-party because we didn't think for a moment that we would end up at an after-party, which in hindsight was kind of stupid.

Anyhow, we met said cute couple (S and L) and their friends (N and K), but it took little time to figure out that there was potential here – especially with S and L. She was really pretty, and nice, and down-to-earth, and a little shy. Mr. Said and I were both into her. (I would categorize myself as bi-curious, completely inexperienced, but interested in playing with a woman where there's a genuine mutual attraction. There was.) L was also a cute guy with an infectious smile, fun and just having a good time. When N and K arrived, N's energy unleashed into the room, and while at first I wouldn't have homed in on him physically, his personality was so captivating that it revealed a sexiness about him that really intrigued me more and more throughout the night. (My erogenous zone is definitely between my ears.) After a full night of fun, flirty good times, we were getting ready to wind down and go home when the invitation to take our small group back to N's place came unexpectedly, and we jumped on it.

Cut to arriving at the condo, rapidly getting naked and into a hot tub, a brief amusing discussion to determine experience levels of the newbies, and N kicking things off by pulling me into his lap and putting his girlfriend K onto Mr. Said's lap. Remember the joy of a hot make-out session with someone you've just met? Delicious! I LOVE to kiss and N and I were kissing and touching and pressing ourselves against each other in ways that were really doing it for me. I was completely focused on N and wasn't paying attention to what was happening in Mr. Said's corner of the hot tub, but I hoped he was having as good a time with K as I was having with N. (He later said that he was.) N, being the conscientious guy that he is, wanted to check in with K to make sure she was comfortable with how things were progressing, so I headed back over to Mr. Said and enjoyed making out with my husband for a while.

S and L joined us back in the hot tub, and we chatted for a couple of minutes. Let me pause to say that I'm still new enough to the LS that I sometimes don't feel like I'm reading the signals all that well. S has kind of a quiet demeanor, but she was smiling at me and holding my gaze and I just found myself really wanting to kiss her, so I did. Kissing a woman is a lovely experience (well, as long as you aren't having a tongue jammed down your throat porn-style – see The Piranha). Her lips were so soft and she was a great kisser, but even better she was both responsive and encouraging. So we spent some time focused on each other while our husbands watched the beginnings of every man's fantasy from the sidelines. We finally broke and switched partners (S with Mr. Said, me with L) for a while until the hot tub became a little too hot and everyone headed inside to the bedroom.

As Mr. Said noted, coupling with original partners quickly turned into a naked pile of writhing bodies on the bed with wandering hands and tongues and partners. I am not shy, but I will never be the chick dancing on the bar with all eyes on her. I tend to observe a situation to get a read on it, and then cut loose to a level that seems appropriate. But once I feel comfortable in a situation, I'll hang it out there in more ways than one. Saturday night, I got in touch with my inner slut and channeled her. I sampled everyone in the room except for K. S and L had to leave early, but the remaining four of us continued on for a while longer. It ended soft swap and with everyone seeming happy with what had transpired. N and I were pretty hot for each other and phone numbers were exchanged with the promise of a future hot tub party and full swap as something to look forward to next time. I, for one, definitely hope that happens. In the meantime you know what hot sex begets? The desire for a lot more hot sex. Mr. Said and I have been fucking like mad all week, and I have spent every day since Saturday with a giddy little smile on my face about our sexy secret.


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