Games People Play Part 3: The Toy Box


Having recently listened to LOTSS recent podcast 278 accessorizing our sex lives, Wisdom and I wanted to add our two cents (usually much more) to the accessory discussion. Toys are one of the ways we bring new people in to sexy time, usually through natural curiosity: “How does THAT work?” Many times this has led to some really awesome sexy time, other times it has fallen flat. Not everybody likes the same things, and even we ourselves have been disappointed when a brand new toy (and a Christmas present no less) turns out not to fit as expected when placed in the body for the first time. The good news is we have intimate (sometimes VERY intimate) friends whom we feel we can pass a toy to when it doesn't feel right from the beginning (with extensive cleaning first).

Some of our first toys have been covered by Cooper and Swingset over scores of podcasts, others have never seen a review until now. We are also trumpeting to the world a device that has changed our sexy time forever… more about that later.

The cordless magic wand (Hitachi):  

We have three magic wands. The first, Wisdom's corded, is still going after years of use and many many orgasms. Second is the cordless model that I purchased for her for “Sex Toy Tuesday” a few years ago. (That's a holiday that deserves an article all of its own). I, too, have recently purchased a cordless model to be used for play with other partners. At first I could not believe that a cordless version could keep up with an AC powered motor; and wow was I wrong. The cordless version has 4 speeds and different patterns of vibration, from deep lows to soaring highs. It is without a doubt the most used toy in our collection and one of the most likely to bring Wisdom to climax, usually with my penis inside her while I talk her though her orgasm. If you have not had the pleasure of trying this device, go find a friend that has one, or buy one yourself. They are easy to cover with a condom for safe(r) play and we freely demonstrate with new partners whenever possible. Sharing is caring.

The NJOY11: “These go to eleven!”  

The Njoy is the biggest shiniest most impressive and imposing toy that we own. They are magnificent in their finish, generous (to say the least) in their girth, and ridiculously heavy. I think they make a better conversation piece than an actual toy, as I have had some women say that it was too much for them (as it is girthy). Others have enjoyed its unyielding firmness and its curves can frequently tease out a G spot orgasm. The combination of the Njoy and the cordless Magic Wand can be a winning combination with the right partners.

The Liberator Throe

Wisdom can be a squirter, not always and not even consistently, but if she is, then we want some extra absorbency underneath her. Cooper has not been shy about touting the usefulness of the Liberator throe, and I will not repeat it all here. But even outside of squirting, the liberator has been a godsend to act as an aftercare blanket at the club, when bottom sheets and towels are in ready supply but no blankets are available to wrap a partner in after play. Also we try to bring it (which means we REALLY notice its absence when we forget) to ANY new play location where we aren’t familiar. There is no better feeling than having something safe, clean, and yours to lie down upon when in a truly foreign environment. It cleans up easily and has a soft fuzzy side and a satiny side, depending on the texture you want to feel beneath naked bodies.

Pipedreams Icicles Gold G02 and G03

The G02 was an impulse buy at a local sex shop. They were on sale at half price, shiny gold glass and swirly shaped. I thought at the time I would rather have an Njoy Pure Wand, but I bought the G02 and Wisdom arched her eyebrow. The handles on both of these are perfectly engineered for us. Wisdom tends to push out a cock or toy when she comes, so leverage is needed to keep a toy inside of her. The elegantly curved handle on both of these gives my wrist a twisting leverage that I find quite satisfying. With Wisdom on her back, I can ease it downwards and in, pressing the bottom of the head onto Wisdoms canal, and then withdraw slowly, with a twist of my wrist so that the bulbous head rides upwards on her G-spot. The G03 has an added feature of gentle ridges on the head, and although Wisdom claims she cannot feel the ridges, I can feel the texture though the handle as they rub against her body. Even if she doesn’t feel them, I can, and I judge her body’s response by the tactile feedback I feel through the toy.

Business cards

This was a late addition to the list. I have “Salmon cards” with my handle and contact information so that no matter where we go, I can easily give people the opportunity to get in touch with me. It’s not expensive, and was one of my first accessories after entering the lifestyle. I am on my second revision and when these run out, Wisdom and I will rewrite them using both of our contacts. Recently at the club, a young man said to us “I never thought I would want to have business cards at a swinger party.”  

Spare clothes

Wisdom likes to dress up… a lot. Costumes, corsets, and sheer clothing are all kinds of sexy fun and lead up to many compliments. But after play, she doesn’t always want to fuss over getting the corsets laced up again, or costumes back on. We bring a change of clothing, something simple, so when we leave the club we are decent but fuss free. This will often include a change of shoes as there is a huge difference between sexy show off shoes and comfy lets walk back to the car shoes.

Toy bag

This is an item in flux for us. For a long time we had two bags: “The Goddess Bag” which held Wisdoms Hitachi, lube and spare clothes, and my more awkward black knapsack, which held the condoms, Njoy, anal toys, and liberator. Unfortunately, I found myself as often as not rifling through the backpack looking for something in the semi darkness of the club. Not finding what you want right away isn’t terribly sexy. I found a potential solution to this at a local pawn shop, which had a chef’s cutlery bag/box, loaded with kitchen implements. The semi-hard sides trifold out, with pockets and zippered compartments for various toys. When fully loaded with the Njoy11 and my Hitachi (bet you can’t have just one), it is stretched to (and maybe a little beyond) capacity. It also doesn’t hold the Liberator, but it has exceptional organizational potential. I have high hopes for it as a work in progress.

Hands Free Lube Dispenser

So… for those of you who have an Njoy. a Liberator, several Magic wands… yada yada yada… this is the most life changing toy we have yet to come across. I am not sure if it is a toy in the sense of the word, since it does not directly give pleasure, but it does facilitate pleasure again and again and again like a champ. We use a hands free liquid soap dispenser (like what one might have in a kitchen or bathroom) filled with lube. It can accommodate a full 20oz bottle and will last half a year or so of regular use. The best part is if you are in the middle of PIV play (we use a different lube for most anal) and Wisdom starts getting… fatigued, she can just reach over and… Phhffffttt… just the right amount of lube to get us going again. We have ours positioned on the bedside table on Wisdom's side of the bed.There are some drawbacks though. We leave it on all the time… so we don’t have to fumble around mid-play, but that can also mean a stray hand… pillow… or cat and Phhffffttt…  lube on the table. Nothing in this life is perfect… but hands free, motion activated lube on demand is something that we will not give up.

So that’s the list, I think I will save strap-ones and anal toys for another article, but these are the things that make our sex lives better. We hope that with curiosity and experimentation that they can make yours better as well.


The Salmon is exploring swinging and poly as a married single. Married for over 20 years, he and his love explore non-monogamy together and in different ways.

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