Review: G-Spot Lollipops – Travel Edition


Ophilia and I were chasing the squirting orgasm. Perhaps one should never “chase” such things as it can cause undue pressure, but she wanted to see if she could have one and I wanted to do my best to facilitate that. Since the beginning of our relationship we'd been using “brute-force” g-spot orgasm toys, namely the nJoy Eleven and nJoy Pure Wand, with O preferring the Eleven because, well, she likes feeling full. We'd not achieved the explosive (expulsive?) results we were looking for, and I fear she may have started thinking that it just wouldn't ever happen.

Then the G-Spot Lollipops came into our life.

Years ago we'd tried some of the first pops to come off the line and really liked them, but in the interim, I'd forgotten. What can I say? Time makes fools of us all. The G-Spot Lollipop company reached out to me asking if I'd like to check out their new travel sized pops. Remembering the old versions as being effective, I jumped at the chance.

G-Spot Lollipops are hard acrylic balls attached to steel rods. Big ball on one end, little ball on the other, steel in between. They do literally look like lollipops, and they shimmer and sparkle the way roller derby helmets, bowling balls, and 50s diner formica tabletops do. I love their look, their quirkiness, and their style.

We received three different sizes of their travel pops, a small, medium, and large. (Diameters of 1.5″, 1.75″, and 2″) and immediately learned that our ability to judge size from view alone was severely fractured as we compared them to our other toys (namely the nJoys). We thought they looked fun and wanted to try them, but alas, like fools, just set them on the dresser and went about our lives.

It was on a date night with friends that I noticed one, the big one, off to the side, and suggested we try it. Ophilia was game, of course, but not anticipating what would happen. I lubed up the pop and slid it inside her, and she gasped. Good sign.

We'd used the nJoy Pure Wand for ages in our quest to get O to squirt, but never quite got there. I don't believe I'm burying the lede too badly when I say that the G-Spot Lollipop Large Travel size is what first made Ophilia squirt. Here's why I think that is.

As a fan of prostate play, I know that some of the best orgasms come from something pulling on my prostate from behind, ie, going past it, and sort of hooking around it. The Pure Wand does this, and its ball end hooks nicely. But it's not a full sphere, within the hook it has a gradual slope. The G-Spot Lollipop doesn't. It's literally a sphere on a pole, so when it gets behind the g-spot or prostate, it can hook in and really press against it. The larger ones truly fill the space as well.

Needless to say, after a few moments of playing (easy to do by poking the smaller ball on the other end between my fingers and tugging) I began to hear the tell-tale squishy sounds, and before long the fluid was building and splashing, and Ophilia came hard, cascading all around my hands and the toy.

Concerned it may be a fluke, we tried again the next day, and again it happened, then with the Pure Wand, then with other toys.

Truly the G-Spot Lollipop is a G-Spot whisperer, and continues to draw out these great orgasms.

Other plusses, it looks cute, and isn't easily identifiable as a sex toy. It doesn't look like much else specifically, but you could pretentiously have it on a shelf as a covert perverted objet d'art.

My two little nits to pick with the travel toys are, they're small indeed, so there's not a lot of play room, but more importantly the ball on the back end to hold is way too small, and becomes painful after a while. Otherwise, they're good fun, and I can heartily recommend them!

8.7 Awesome

These are true G-Spot whisperers and should be able to help you get there!

  • Quality 9
  • Value 7
  • Function 10
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 1.8

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