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Now This is a butt plug!

I was a big fan of the Novice plug by b-Vibe but it was definitely on the small side, even for someone who can't take a whole lot of girth in the anal department. When I got the opportunity to try out the Trio by the same company, I found myself in the perfect Goldilocks moment. This plug is Just Right.

Much like the smaller version, it comes in great packaging and its own storage/carry case for remote, plug, charging cord, instructions etc. It's rechargeable using the magnetic charge cord that works with all b-Vibe and Fun Factory toys, and plugs into a usb outlet. I love the feel of the silicone b-Vibe uses in their toys, so smooth & velvety, and I find myself wanting to touch the toys as much as play with them. Okay, maybe not as much, but they still feel really great.

The Trio is splash-proof so easily washed in water and can be used in the shower, but it's not waterproof and shouldn't be used in the bath. As it's silicone, using water-based lubes (or covering in a condom to use silicone lube) are a requirement. You can activate a travel lock on the toy either by pressing and holding the power button on the base or using a finesse move on the remote, meaning you won't accidentally set this one off in a suitcase. The remote is also surprisingly effective and doesn't need to be essentially held against the toy to work (like some I've tried). The remote takes large flat batteries, which burned out surprisingly quickly when stored, which was a little frustrating when I revisited the toy a couple months after I got it.

Okay, enough of the boring technical stuff. Onto the butt stuff!

The shape and size of the Trio is ideal for someone like me that is not an anal queen. It's tapered and long and not that thick but gives enough girth and depth to feel really full. It also has a significant narrowing in the neck, which allows it to stay in place much better than many (I still shot it out when I came hard enough, but I don't know any plug I haven't launched while squirting). I also really liked the length of the narrow neck. As some people have much more distance between the two anal sphincters–these are things I know and find fascinating when I explore other people's butts–this toy works well for someone whose inner sphincter might sometimes feel overstretched by a shorter neck.

But how're the vibrations, you ask? ┬áMmmmm. They're really good and surprisingly rumbly for a small toy, with 3 powerful motors delivering delightful vibrations.The button on the base controls the different vibration patterns, but the vibration intensity can only be controlled by the remote control's + and – buttons. The patterns are surprisingly pleasant (not a pattern person in general) and take advantage of the three motors, using them in different combinations to create different sensations. As someone who isn't a fan of buzzy toys, this gave decent rumble through me, which I could feel in my pussy, especially when paired with a dildo or a penis in my vag.

Speaking of pairing with cocks of the silicone and bio varieties, this may have been my favourite thing. It turned the insertable into a vibration delivery mechanism which my g-spot and internal clit really enjoyed. The vibrations in my ass paired with the added vaginal penetration were strong enough to help get me off hard. Not something I expected with an anal toy.

Please note: The Trio was generously provided to me by b-vibe in exchange for my honest review. My notes and opinions are my own. Visit b-vibe's website here


I found myself in the perfect Goldilocks moment. This plug is Just Right.

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