Review: Blush Novelties Avant D2 and Avant D4


I love stripes! I am always going to be drawn in by striped objects be they underpants, stockings, drapes, or, in this case, dildos.

The gorgeous coloured stripes of the Avant line of dildos by Blush Novelties appealed immediately and I was very happy to get my hands on both the Purple Rain Avant D2 and the Sexy In Pink Avant D4 courtesy of the kind folx at Blush.

I'll start with what the two share in common.

The silicone in these toys is silky smooth and lovely to touch. I'm a highly tactile person and I'm really happy when my toys feel really good to my fingertips. I found myself wanting to stroke both of the Avant dildos almost as much as I wanted to get them inside me. They both have really good suction cups which stick beautifully to mirrors to help them dry without getting as much cat hair on them. In even better news, they stick together very well, and I discovered that one can make an exceptional thrusting handle for the other. The other wonderful thing about the suction cup is that it makes a delightful cap for a large wand vibrator and when you use the dildo and vibrator together they can deliver vibrations to all kinds of delicious internal places making for extra orgasms. So much win!

Avant D2 Purple Rain
Avant D2 Purple Rain

I love the purple stripes of the Avant D2 (Size: 7.5″ Length (6″ Insertable) x 1.5″ Width) and as someone who hit puberty in the '80s, the name Purple Rain evokes all kinds of sexiness. It's a really lovely moderate sized dildo with a long curve ending in a head that touches just in front of the cervix when fully inserted. It has been the choice of several of my female partners when they're not looking to be overwhelmed with dick size but merely overwhelmed with a good dickin'. The Avant D2 would also make a great pegging dildo.

It is also great for those who aren't looking for as much g-spot stimulation since there are no specific bumps along the ridge. I have to confess that I used it the wrong way the first time I had someone fuck me with it because I'm so used to focusing on bumps rather than overall curve. It meant that the head was ramming into my cervix in a way that wasn't entirely unpleasant but didn't feel quite right.

The Avant D2 is also a great strap-on dildo for the wielder since the length helps prevent accidental pullouts PLUS the suction cup adds some extra padding for those of us who experience a lot of pubic bone pain post boning.

Avant D4 Sexy In Pink
Avant D4 Sexy In Pink

The pink of the Avant D4 Sexy in Pink (Size: 8″ Length (7″ Insertable) x 1.75″ Width) isn't as much to my aesthetic ideal, but damn do those curves deliver. It's definitely on the girthier side of many of my dildos and the medium+ firmness means you really feel that girth. It became an instant favourite of my mermaid, who happens to be Size Royalty. Although she doesn't always squirt with penetration, she definitely did when I worked her over with the Avant D4.

The ridges along the shaft of the Avant D4 are amazing for those of us who love a good g-spot pounding and I felt so much incredible sensations the first couple times I used it, I almost squirt just looking at it now.

I would definitely recommend both toys for the quality of their construction, their very different but very pleasing shapes, and those gorgeous stripes. The people at Blush Novelties have done a great job of catering to a large variety of bodies and preferences with the varied shapes in the Avant line. The Pride versions of many of the Avant dildos are also gorgeous. I'm just holding out to be able to get one in the colours of the Bisexual Pride flag, since we were, as usual, left out of the Pride colour scheme.

Buy the Avant D2 at SheVibe

Buy the Avant D4 at SheVibe

*Please note: Avant D2 and Avant D4 were generously provided to me by Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest review. My notes and opinions are my own. Visit the Blush Novelties website here

10.0 Stripetastic!

I would definitely recommend both toys for the quality of their construction, their very different but very pleasing shapes, and those gorgeous stripes.

  • Quality 10
  • Sensation 10
  • Versatility 10
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