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I’ve experienced many toys throughout my years as a sex-positive perv, but never have I encountered one as unique as the Womanizer Inside Out. As someone who does not enjoy intense vibrations on my clit, I became a fan of the Womanizer line upon my first introduction with the Womanizer Pro40. Clitoral stimulators with intense vibration tend to leave me feeling numb; the unique touchless clitoral stimulation of the Womanizer products is a great solution for vulva-havers who don’t like direct clitoral contact.. Womanizer puts out an excellent product, and I was eager to experience their take on an internal/external toy.

Womanizer uses a touchless clitoral stimulation system called Air Pleasure Technology. It feels as though the toy is providing suction on the user’s clitoris, but without any direct touch. The Inside Out adds a curved, vibrating arm for internal vaginal and G-spot stimulation.

Upon first look, my partner, a self-proclaimed nerd, and I giggled at the rather sci-fi look of the Inside Out. He was tickled at the glowing red light and said it resembled a ship described in War of the Worlds. It was packaged with a large, soft black bag, and was presented like a beautiful, high end gift. Womanizer has concentrated on external stimulation with their Pleasure Air Technology, so the sleek, soft silicone insertable vibrator is an exciting addition. The vibrator is so smooth that it requires very little lube for insertion. The Womanizer is completely waterproof and boasts two hours of charge life, although my experience showed me no more than a few minutes is actually needed at one time!

The charging port is magnetic, a departure from the insertable plug on the Pro40. The included magnetic USB charging cable works with any cube, although my experience with this type of charger has been finicky. I found the slightest jostle will detach the toy from the charger, and, as someone with a rather cluttered bedside table, I inadvertently disconnected it several times.

While I have no issues positioning the Pro40 on my clit, even with a vertical hood piercing, It took a bit of fiddling to get the Inside Out to line up appropriately due the stationary vibrator. The distance between the arm and clitoral stimulation is fixed, and may be uncomfortable for some bodies. A bit more lube and repositioning (of bother the user and the toy) helps the user navigate the Inside Out to an appropriate position.

Once I got the Inside Out lined up appropriately, I couldn’t figure out by feel which button turned it on. I removed it from my body, unable to locate the power button without turning on the light and putting on my reading glasses. The controls are four slightly concave and convex buttons, unlabeled as to which buttons control the vibration and clitoral stimulation, the same color as the body of the toy, and the power is only designated by an additional small half circle around one of the other controls. It is difficult for those of us with failing middle age eyesight to properly see it. Upon reinsertion, I struggled to reach the correct buttons, my blind pushing resulting in random adjustments.

However, despite the frustration with the controls, once the right combination was reached, the orgasm provided by the Inside Out was rapidly reached and outstanding! My partner was laying on the bed between my legs, my feet resting on his chest, and during orgasm, I thrashed so violently that he had to grab my feet to prevent himself from being kicked! I’m pretty certain I levitated. I normally have pretty intense orgasms, but lately, due to a medication change, they have been muted. The Inside Out delivered an orgasm more intense than I’ve had in a very long time. The Pro40 typically delivers a significant orgasm for me, but the addition of the internal vibration elevated an already superior product to a new level. The sense of fullness in my vagina and stimulation on my G-spot added a new layer of sensation to the already excellent clitoral stimulation from the Air Pleasure Technology.


Pros of the Womanizer Inside Out:

  • Like other Womanizer toys, there is no direct clitoral stimulation/vibration, making it ideal for vulva-havers who do not like intense clitoral vibration.
  • The sense of fullness from the insertable vibrator and G-spot stimulation enhances the clitoral stimulation, which made the orgasm even more intense than the one provided by the Pro40.
    Smooth, sleek, soft composition of the toy allows for insertion with little lube.
  • Changeable heads for different anatomy.
  • The most intense orgasm I’ve experienced in a very long time – levitation and a near black eye to my partner who was entranced by the show!
  • Waterproof for those who enjoy aquatic orgasms. This also allows for easy cleaning.
  • Two hour charge life – although, for me, only a few minutes is needed!


Cons of the Womanizer Inside Out:

  • The inability to move the stationary vibrator may make it difficult to position or uncomfortable for some bodies.
  • Magnetic charging port is easily inadvertently disconnected.
  • The controls are difficult to navigate when the toy is in use.

The lack of color differentiation on the buttons make them hard to see, particularly for those with visual impairment. Clearly labeled buttons designating which controls vibration and which controls clitoral stimulation would make the Inside Out more accessible for those with visual impairments (even if that impairment is normal age-related far-sightedness).

Despite struggling with the controls, the intense orgasm delivered by the Inside Out has made it one of my new favorite toys.

You can purchase the Womanizer Inside Out from great retailers like SheVibe!

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  1. Got it for my wife and it’s her favorite now, its gentle enough you get a few rounds of fun in without feeling sore. It’s also very surprisingly quiet, wouldn’t be able to hear it in an adjacent room unless your ear was pressed to the door or something.

  2. Ernestinefishburn on

    I hear you can program the inside and out to read along with erotic books, who know what said books are?

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