Review: Eroscillator 2 Plus / Soft Finger Combo


Review: Eroscillator 2 Plus / Soft Finger ComboWhen it comes to sex, I'm what I like to call a gentle touch. I'm easily overloaded by pressure, speed, or vibration, and cannot handle the rock star pounding that I so enjoy watching others receive. Don't misunderstand, I certainly can't complain about my sex life. I've learned to communicate my needs to my spouse and my playmates, and when they listen, they are serenaded by my raucous screams and entertained by my involuntary flailing and gasping. But even with a good partner, sometimes my body just becomes too finicky, and an orgasm just isn't in the cards. This can be frustrating not only to me, but to my partner.

And then there are times when I would prefer to please myself. In this regard I haven't had quite as much success. Some nights it just takes so long I give up…I've even fallen asleep trying! Even when I'm successful, the quality of the orgasm doesn't really measure up. If the best sex is a 10, then for me masturbating has never exceeded a 5.

Having seen my friends having fun with their toys, I know that an 8 (or perhaps even a 10) is possible. So, for years now I've looked for a perfect toy for me. I quickly gave up on the free toys that came with anything we ordered from adult stores through the mail. With one speed, one angle, and usually a texture akin to Tupperware, there really wasn't much chance they would do anything for me. Ten seconds into it and I'd be numb…a feeling that would stay for the remainder of the evening, hindering any attempts to climax with my partner. I tried multi-speed bullets, ticklers, eggs, g-spot massagers, rabbits, dildos made from plastic, silicone, and glass, at various price ranges with various angles, and some very high-end toys that worked for everyone but me. On the few occasions a toy would produce something other than lust-killing numbness or frustration, the orgasm would fizzle out with barely a whimper….

After confiding all this to Cooper, he told me about a stimulator called the Eroscillator that he had heard about from the Sex is Fun podcast. After reading many many reviews and studying the Eroscillator site, I decided that it was definitely worth a try.

So few weeks later, I found myself staring hesitantly into a pink box containing a gold colored toy that instantly reminded me of an electric toothbrush. Some people I showed it to thought it looked a little scary, but I've been much more frightened of some of the rabbits I've seen. It was lightweight (maybe 8 oz) and solidly built, and it was very easy to change out the 4 attachments that came with it. The Eroscillator also came with a little pamphlet explaining what each attachment was for, but more importantly, it explained why it worked. The pamphlet also provided a lot of information about how to relax, and an assurance that you would most definitely achieve orgasm, much quicker than you ever thought.

That first night, although I was eager to try it out, I wasn't really feeling at the top of my game. But instead of putting it away for another time, I decided since this would be when I would need help the most, it would be a good real-world test. So, I took the pamphlets advice, chose the Ultra Soft Finger Tip attachment (which is basically a soft cushion on a wand), added a little water-based lubricant (since this is a silicone based toy), and put the power on to the lowest level.

I knew within seconds that this toy was different than anything else I'd tried. For the first time, instead of numbing, I felt a lovely tingling that built and built, almost too fast. I stopped for a second because the pleasure sensation was a little too much, but then tried again, making sure not to apply any pressure this time. In 3 minutes I climaxed at least as strongly as I have ever climaxed while masterbating. I was shocked at how effectively it replicated my own technique, but in 1/10th of the time….amazing!

The following night, feeling much better, I was ready for round two. The next recommended attachment in the pamphlet was the Golden Spoon, which is concave on one side to cup the clitoris, and has small bumps on the other side for stimulating the lips. While the spoon side was pleasant, using the attachment in this manner did not produce an orgasm. However tilting to one side or the other worked like magic! The nice thing about this experiment was that I was able to hold off orgasm as long as I liked by switching back to the spoon side. After a little while, I decided to climax, and had a very pleasant orgasm, similar to what I'd experienced the first night.

But wait, the evening wasn't over.  Since the Eroscillator also claims to be capable of producing multiple orgasms for many women, I decided to try again. I switched back to the Finger Tip attachment, and set the power to 1. At first I noticed a slower reaction to it, but since I usually take about 8 hours before I'm ready to climax a second time, I wasn't surprised that it wasn't working as well. But, not willing to give up so soon, I bumped the power up to 2. Again, I instantly knew it was going to work…and boy did it! Within minutes it reproduced the best orgasm I've ever had while alone – definitely the 8 I've been looking for!

Over the next few nights I tried the remaining attachments. The Grapes and Cockscomb was my 2nd favorite attachment, producing a fantastic orgasm that I was able to postpone a little more effectively than the Golden Spoon. I also preferred the Ball and Cup a little more than the Golden Spoon, but perhaps I just need to give the Spoon another try. Without a doubt though, the Soft Fingertip is the attachment that I keep returning to, especially for the 2nd orgasm.

Overall I have to say that this may be the best sexual stimulator on the market (the best one I've ever owned for sure!). It may seem expensive, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it! If I had bought this years ago I would have saved myself hundreds of dollars trying toys that didn't work for me. In fact, the Eroscillator is so amazing, that I'm considering the Seven Pearls of the Orient G-Spot stimulator attachment as well. I gave up even hoping for a G-Spot orgasm, but with the success of this as a clitoral stimulator, I do believe there may be hope yet!

As a side note, I'm traveling soon, and for the first time I'm considering bringing a toy with me through the airport. With the attachments and detachable power cord in one pocket and the main unit in another, it won't look like a sex toy at all!

Full Disclosure: We did not purchase this product, it was sent to us specifically for review. Our policy is to, regardless of how we acquired a product, review it fairly and openly. No writer for Life On The Swingset will ever deliberately mislead our readers into believing that a product is good because of anything we received from the company. We are open and honest, and cannot be bought or bribed. If we love a product, we'll tell you, if we don't, BELIEVE us, we'll tell you that too. End disclaimer.



  1. Quick Update – I did end up taking the Eroscillator with me on vacation, much to our hostsess&#039s delight O:-)

    Oddly enough, my electric toothbrush head fit loosely onto the Erocillator! Though I would certainly never advise anyone to actually power it on like that.

    Happy travels!

  2. Bought the eroscillator 2 plus for my wife.
    The disappointment is in the fact that the soft finger tip is NOT included in this package, as stated in the ads! The device is fun and does its job fine,..but most women love the soft finger tip,..buying the thing alone would cost me another 54€!! Which is crazy for such a small thing. Feels like a rip off now.

  3. I am a recent widow, and miss the love of my life. In our marriage bed, I was blessed to have a generous husband who desired to comfort me to obtain sexual fulfillment. While I miss the intimate thrusting of sexual intercourse, my Eroscillator has proven to be an outstanding means to meet my needs, and to help me cope with my loss.

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