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I have tried Ben-Wa balls in the past to strengthen my kegel muscles and I wasn't that impressed with them. I just couldn't get comfortable, they felt like two tiny marbles sitting inside me that could fall out at any moment. So when I first opened the little black LELO box with Luna Beads in them I was very intrigued.

They were like nothing I'd ever seen before, 2 colored sets of silicone beads with weights inside them. The colors indicated the weight inside the beads. Pink weighing 28 grams and blue weighing 37 grams. Each set of beads has a foundation bead with a retraction leash (fancy wording for a bead with a string attached) and a crown bead (which is a bead without a string attached). The beads also fit into this composition girdle, that pretty much looks like 2 silicone rings attached together in the middle, where you can put any two combination of beads in at a time. So you can have weights inside you ranging from 28 to 74 grams. One ring has small opening in it where the retraction string can be pulled through, so you don't have to worry about trying to find the bead inside you, and the other ring holds the additional weighed bead. This was very well thought out and seemed very easy to use.

I was very excited to try the Luna Beads out and decided I was going to use the two pink beads together in the girdle as my first test. So looking at the manual and seeing how they recommend you insert the beads I was ready. I laid on my back on my bed with beads in hand and slowly inserted the crown bead inside me with the retraction bead at the end. It went in very easy.  They suggest to use a small bit of lube to help it in, but I'm very fortunate to be naturally lubricated so I didn't need any help.  The first bead was in and the second went in almost as easily as the first. The retraction bead needed a little more of a push because of my vaginal muscles grasping to the first bead, but it went in just as smooth as the first bead. After both were in I made sure that the beads rested just inside my PC muscle, which is one of the muscles that it helps strengthen.

Once I stood up I could feel the weights moving inside of me. I was pleasantly surprised how they moved and didn't make any noise. It was amazing how quickly my muscles grabbed to them and held the beads in. I didn't have to do any of the work, my muscles were doing it for me. They felt really comfortable and natural inside me. After walking around with them in I knew I was hooked. After having the beads in for a few hours I was feeling very happy and noticed I was making little small expressions of pleasure every time I got up, moved, or walked. I could feel my muscles moving ever so slightly each movement I made. It was so much fun! I couldn't wait to try them again the next day, this time at the office.

On the second day of use I was still amazed at how awesome the beads felt inside me. They moved with every step I took around the office. Even just getting up and down out of my chair felt so good. Walking briskly around the office even made the beads work even harder, giving my muscle a little extra workout. Each time I moved I had to make sure I kept my pleasurable outbursts to myself. I even was nicely surprised that they even made me a little horny throughout the day, which is a major plus.

I used them again and the third day was just as great as the second, but definitely thought I should try a little more weight again the fourth day. The next day I changed the pink retraction bead to the blue one and could totally tell a difference in weight. I could feel my muscles working a little harder to hold the beads in. Definitely was doing its job. The beads felt incredible and gave me all the same sensations and emotions that the first few days did. I really enjoyed having the beads in me.

The Luna Beads are an incredible product. I look forward to using them everyday that I can to continuously strengthen my vaginal muscles. I think that Luna Beads would be a perfect product for anyone trying to develop and work their kegel muscles. So easy, comfortable and compatible with your body. Don't need to worry if your doing it right or not. Your body and the product work together on their own.

LELO has offered yet another astounding product.

Full Disclosure: We did not purchase this product, it was sent to us specifically for review. Our policy is to, regardless of how we acquired a product, review it fairly and openly. No writer for Life On The Swingset will ever deliberately mislead our readers into believing that a product is good because of anything we received from the company. We are open and honest, and cannot be bought or bribed. If we love a product, we'll tell you, if we don't, BELIEVE us, we'll tell you that too. End disclaimer.



  1. For me they are annoying. It makes me feel like I have to pee and when I do try to pee nothing can come out and only when I pull the beads out. I have used the single ball of both weights and able to keep them inside of me but when I double up with the girdle they fall out and it is uncomfortable. Am I doing something wrong? Nothing about them are pleasurable. Feels like I have a tampon with a ball rolling around inside. Yuck. I haven;t noticed a difference with my incontinence issue.

    • Maybe your muscles are just really out of shape? I put them in and had no trouble at all feeling like they would fall out. I like them so far. I have not done the heavier ones yet. I just got them like 20 minutes ago lol. I am looking forward to wearing them the whole day tomorrow and doing more walking around.

    • I have the exact same problem. I have this urgency to pee and it’s like having a urinary tract infection I can hardly pee until I take them out. Every time I good to the bathroom I struggle to “go” without them slipping out. I’ve just used them for three days straight. I hope it improves fast, because it’s annoying.

      • The only time I can’t pee with them in is when I have to pee REALLY bad! If you hold it too long. Otherwise I have no problems. And not sure why this happens…

  2. Ashlee_harrow on

    I got my beads 2weeks ago and absolutely love them! My husband said he can notice a difference already! They feel great , I feel a little naughty when wearing them, it’s like a naughty little secret that only I know about! I find myself moving around a lot more to make them move 🙂 thanks LELO!

  3. Yeah I love mine too but I am wondering how you can wear them all day as I found that I cannot wee with them in at all!

  4. These are truly the best in pelvic exercisers! The help to strengthen the vaginal walls and yes, even intensify the elusive G Spot O or should I say G Spot OOOOOHHHHH OOOOHHHHHH OOOhhhhhhhh. LOL

    After several weeks of use, gradually increasing the weight as allowed any woman (and her partner) can feel the benefits of this exerciser.

  5. I am 61 years young and have just tried the two pink beads. Worn them for two days now and love them. How do I know when to change to a pink and blue or go for the two blue?

  6. I just tried them today for the first time (the pink ones) and I didn’t feel like they did much. I did enjoy pushing them out and just before they’d come out I’d pull them back in (using only my vaginal muscles). I was wondering if they maybe were to far inside me for my muscles to have to be working the whole time, or even just when I move about… Or maybe my muscles are already strong enough that I’m not feeling anything and should step up to the blue pair.

    Has anyone noticed if it’s better to have them sit a certain depth in for them to be more effective?

  7. I enjoyed wearing only 1 as I am very much a novice at this sort of thing and my partner bought them for me. I did feel a little irritated the next day but am up to tring 2 today!! (brave, I know). I did find the ball had a more tightening effect when it wasn’t set too deep but this became irritating after a while. I have a feeling the 2 balls will fix this problem. I realise this is probably not very helpful but, as I said, being a nervous nelly novice I am taking it 1 step at a time. One thing I have wondered….is there any increased risk of cystitis with these beads?

  8. Stargazinglillie on

    Just purchased mine tonight and also am wondering if I should go up in weight. Wore the pink ones for about an hour, but didn’t really feel anything. I mean, there were times when I felt little movements of joy, but they were short lived. The only time I really felt something was when I pulled them out to a certain point. Maybe I stuck them up too far or maybe I need more weight. I think this is attributed to that I was already working on my kegel muscles? Don’t know, will try more weight tomorrow.

  9. I keep thinking if you put them in they will just fall out. I was wondering when they are inside do you have to tighten your vagina muscles(kegal) all the time. I can not imagine tightening my vagina muscles all day

    • It probably depends on the shape of your pelvic muscles. For me, these were not going to budge no matter what. Once I tried them, I jumped up and down and got into strange positions and they remained perfectly in place without any muscle flexing at all. Kind of made me think I’m doing it wrong… but I’m not sure where I could have messed up? I think, if “falling out” is an issue, it probably just means a very weak pelvic floor, in which case, just practice with them for a bit every day and work your way up to keeping them in place without strain.

  10. I purchased the Lelo Luna Beads yesterday. I was sooo excited to try them out. I tried the one pink, immediately went to the two pinks, then straight to two blue. At first I did have the sensation that I had to pee but it went away quickly. I had expected to have to consciously work at keeping them in but was surprised to find that was not the case. I could feel them move inside me when I lifted things, sat, or bent over… But other than that I forgot about them entirely. So if in fact they are working my pelvic floor muscles without any participation on my part… I am soooo in. 🙂

  11. I got these in the mail yesterday and immediately wanted to try them. I have been trying to search the net for an answer to my problem and can’t seem to find one. I put them in only to have them migrate out. I put them where they are suppose to be inside of me only to find within less then 5 minutes the composition girdle is irritating the opening of vagina. Tried a single bead same thing happens. How do I get beyond this problem? I love the feel I got when they were inside of me but it was short lived.

    • Are you laying on your back while you are inserting them? Are you using enough lubricant? Try one at a time (pink since they are the lighter ones). Once you feel comfortable with it then you can go for the two pink ones and gradually increase the weight. It may take a few days of just having one. Try keeping it in for short periods of time and gradually increasing. Hope this helps.

    • I recently purchased my bead after using Ben wa balls for over a year bc I didn’t feel they worked my muscles enough. I’ve had mine for about 2 months and I use them pretty much every day for hours. I haven’t noticed any difference. However I suggest if your going in public to wear noisy shoes or something bc you can hear the beads moving all the time. Also they still can be irratating internally and externally to Mr and sometime I have a hard time keeping them in until they “settle” my muscles I guess just wanna push them out. I use the blue ones as I have had children.

  12. You got to start the muscles contracting and once they are contracted a couple days you can walk around. To start off day one is practice

  13. This all seems really cool but I have a little problem with mine. I tried the 2 pink ones and it wasnt a problem walking around the mall for 4 hours. Recently I went with the blue pair and I found it very hard to pull them out. I am scared of using them again. Is that normal?

  14. I’ve had mines for a couple months now and I’ve probably wore them for 7 total days. When I wear them they are hard to insert. And they go more inside me as the day goes by. It’s really hard to get them out also, but I know my muscle needs to be exercised alot! Is that normal because I have no problem keeping them in and they’re very tough to get out.

  15. I have the same problem as the last two ladies. I wear them when I go to work , which I do a lot of walking around. I start feel a cramp cause they go so far up my vagina and start knocking my cervix which gives me the cramps. Then to take them out it hard cause they are so far up. I don’t feel the difference in my muscle either. After wearing them for 8 hours in 10 days.

  16. I used pink ones this morning, and blue in the afternoon, but I didn’t have trouble by slipping out I kept them in. I kind forgot I had them in my question is did I use them to deep in or it’s normal no feeling I had in..?

  17. I just got a pair yesterday and I didn’t want to use two sooo I just put in one of the blue, and it was hard to insert even with lube, I was laying down also but I got in it, got up and did a lil dance and had a smile on my face because of the feeling of the weight moving around. I wore it for about 2 hours and took it out, it was hard to take out, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad? Today I am a bit sore, I have a short vagina so im worried about using both? I don’t want them to hit my cervix. Im sore today but will try using both pink ones today. Over all, its fun to have them inside I just hope in time my body will get used to them and start working the muscles more. I bought the normal sized ones, not the mini’s because I thought “well I did have a baby” So I got the big ones haha! I should have gotten the smaller ones to start out with! Keep up the kegals ladies! Have fun! Also wish me luck on BOTH beads today!

  18. I have no problem when I use only one bead, but it seems my vagina is too short because I can’t wear both beads as half part the retraction bead always sticks out of my vagina no matter how hard I push. I can never insert the whole retraction bead so far. Does anyone have the same problem. I’m using the minis as the regular hurts me. I’m a size 4 petite and 5 ‘2″. I’m in my mid 40s.

  19. Ok so I just got mines and I would love to know how far in am I suppose to insert them. I started with the pink had no problem keeping them in so jump to blue and the same thing but if I lowered then close to opening is a different story so I guess how i do know if I m placing them in right ?

  20. Hi. I got my 2 sets of luna beads the other day. The pink ones are lighter while the blue are heavier. I also have to say that I have been doing kegles without weights for some time now and I did see a difference, thou I read that you can’t feel a difference. But it’s not true. I talk from my personal experience. So I tried the pink ones first and I had no problem holding them in. The only problem I noticed was you can hear a bit of a noise from them when I walk around. The second day I tried the blue ones as I could tell the pink ones were not heavy enough. I insert them and have no problem with going to wee, walking, doing yoga, etc… but still could hear a lil noise coming from them too. My bottom line is if I stay inside the house and I am alone I don’t mind the noise, just not to go out lol. One more thing. Should I get smaller and heavier ones as was hard for me to take them out as my “girl” was holding very tight onto them.

  21. I tried to wear these balls several times and the problem is I actually feel nothing. When I insert them deep into vagina I feel them in but no muscle contraction, nothing which could let me think my pelvice muscle is working in any way. And when I try to insert them less deep, they simply won’t stay cause my vaginal muscles immediately push them out. I can’t figure out how deep I should put them in to make them work properly! Could anyone give a tip?

  22. How do insert them sideways or when inside can I turn them for them to be on the wideside so they can’t fall out?help please

  23. Hi, I got mine few days ago. And I have a question, how long per day do you use them?
    Do you guys feel any difference when you move or dance or go to the gym?

  24. I am planning to buy this item, but am unsure about getting the classic or the mini. I have the idea that the mini would be harder to keep in and so a better workout. Does this seem to be the case? I have been through childbirth. I use a Diva cup device easily,but tend to prefer the smaller ones for ‘haven’t given birth.’

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