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Dylan and Ginger hang out with the Swingset patrons for a live podcast of reviews, listener questions, and some ridiculousness. Ryan The Professor makes his way into this episode like a wrecking ball to share his thoughts. From solo polyamorous parenting to fluid-bonding, these three climb up on the Swingset to riff. And riff they

I don’t know anyone who really likes condoms except for me! I consider them a…

I think I’m finally beginning to master Lifestyle-speak. I picked up the vocabulary fairly quickly, but I had a couple of slap-my-forehead moments before deciphering the subtext of some commonly heard statements and phrases.

In Ep 11, we discuss the ins and outs of bediquette when it comes to bringing other sexy folk into your bedroom for playtime. We also introduce the newest member of the Swingset family, Ginger!