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“What a strange and funny like thing!” That was my first thought, and then I worried how it would feel while my husband was in me too! So the only thing to do was give it a test run. I slide it in and noticed right away the external vibe was at the right spot! (It’s so annoying when a rabbit doesn’t hit where it should!) This was perfect! Then as my husband slid in, I felt an increased pressure on my g-spot and to top it off it was vibrating! As he slide in and out the internal vibe kept tapping my g-spot! HEAVEN! And I have to tell you… he must have enjoyed it as much as I did, a few days later he was asking for it again!

Tyler and I first saw the Liberator Shapes (a collection of foam bedroom “furniture”) at a local adult toy store. Since we had our anniversary coming up, we decided to splurge a little and get something fun for the both of us – and boy am I glad we did!

At the store, the sales person showed us the Ramp, Wedge, and whirl (which is like a bolster). All of the Shapes are made from a heavy-duty foam and are covered with a non-slip cover that is machine washable. Because of the foam construction, all of the Shapes are very light for their size.