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We squick Dylan out with talk of dragon sex. Dylan vindicates himself with a listener voicemail about post vasectomy emptiness, then discusses his gigantic balls. Once we establish that Shira is the Dummy of the title, we begin by discussing the difference between soft swap and full swap, same and separate rooms, and group sex. We discuss developing community, not rushing, and rules, how being drunk is a turn-off. You’re dating as a team.

We were with some good friends that we had soft swapped with before and I am pretty sure they knew we were ready to full swap. They had heard about my full swap experience from me and probably through the grape vine.

It had been a good while since we had met anyone new in the lifestyle, but there we were at a bar awaiting a new couple to arrive for drinks. I had talked to the man of the couple online quite a bit. From what I gathered they were very excited to meet us. In our classic style we arrived before them, so we had time to be at least half way through a drink before they arrived. I am still to new to all this to pretend to not be nervous meeting new people. Maybe you never get used to it. That wouldn’t be too bad. After all, the nervousness is part of the excitement.

Satisfaction of desires is what this lifestyle is all about, no? If you’ve read any…