Review: Ridge Rider by Nexus – Prostate Stimulator


Nexus Ridge Rider Review - Prostate StimulatorI was pleasantly surprised by the Ridge Rider by Nexus. I don’t think I have ever used a prostate toy that was bad, but some are clearly better than others. I ended up liking the Ridge Rider way more than I thought I would. The Ridge Rider is constructed of high-grade silicone that is pleasant and silky to the touch. It is of moderate size, which I enjoyed. It gave me the full feeling without taking a lot of work to insert. The Ridge Rider also has the standard “T” shape of most prostate massagers with some features missing and some new ones added.

The phallic part of the toy has the standard Nexus/prostate massager curvy shape to it. I am a fan of this shape it seems to hit all the right places for me. The shaft of the Ridge Rider is lined with, well, ridges hence the name. I couldn’t decide if I liked the ridges or not. It is both titillating and someone annoying to pop them in or out one at a time. Also, after it is inserted the ridges really serve no purpose. Since it isn’t a fucking toy the ridges spend most of their time being pretty pointless.

The base of the Rider is not the standard shape on most insert and forget prostate toys. It is missing the perineum massager ball/pokey thing. This has been replaced by a tongue shaped wedge that is covered in tiny bumps. I did not miss the perineum ball even though I thought I would, but I can’t say I really enjoyed the bumpy tongue either. The handle that is usually opposite the perineum ball is also missing replaced by another tongue wedge sans bumps. Due to this design lacking the ball and handle you are able to sit in a chair comfortably and, well, ride and rock around on the Rider. I really enjoyed this as my self pleasure times are usually spent with the company of the Internet at my desk.

The most exciting feature of the Ridge Rider is also the one I was most skeptical of. That feature is the bullet vibe in it. I have never really had much experience vibing my prostate, but always assumed it was largely pointless as pressure was more important. The Ridge Rider changed my mind. It has five different vibe setting including varying strengths and pulse patterns. I found all of them to be pretty good. The pulses which I expected to dislike were pleasantly teasing. One thing I found odd was that the vibration seemed to more intense and hit a better spot for me while I was standing which sort of negated the sitting and riding feature. I wouldn’t call this a bad thing as the vibes were still good sitting. The bullet vibe is well designed even though the button is on the base of it, meaning you sit on the button, the Rider never switched the vibe setting from me sitting on it, even when I explicitly tried to do so. My only complaint about the vibe is taking it out to clean it. That dude sure fits inside the Ridge Rider tightly. Realistically this is probably good for use as it would transmit the vibes through the toy better, but I have to mention that it take some finagling to get the vibe in and out of the toy.

All and all I found the Nexus Ridge Rider to be a very solid toy and has probably earned a spot in my rotation. I will probably get some good use out of it. While some of the features were only so-so, the vibration and ability to comfortably sit in a chair with it in are the features that really sold me on the toy.

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