SS 70: Ginger & The Professor In Paradise at Desire Resort & Spa


Shira talks about sapiosexual foreplay. Cooper discusses building an untraditional family and continues his baby phobia. Ginger and the Professor have just returned from the Swingercast Desire Resort & Spa trip and tell us about their time in paradise. (Ginger spends the VAST majority of this episode giggling.) The Professor paints a beautiful word portrait of a nude Shira B. Katz striding along the beach with glistening wet labia. And Cooper insists that geese are bastards.

Join the Swingset crew at Desire Resort & Spa from November 3-10, 2012!


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  1. We certainly enjoyed our lunchtime discussions with Ginger and the Prof during the Desire trip they discussed in this podcast. Ginger described our experiences to a “T” at 57 minutes 20 seconds.  The openness and freedom have to be experienced to be believed.  We too would love to take up residence full time at Desire but alas, it is not to be. Oh, as far as the Happy Hour in the hot tub goes?  Have Ginger tell you about the spontaneous foot massages.  You never know what’s going to happen in the hot tub be it happy hour or after hours, it’s always a greta time.  Ping Pong anyone?

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