Being Out As Bisexual


I finally told most of my friends about being bisexual. I had talked about wanting to tell people previously.

A lot of my good and long time friends came into town to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of our friends, though he was not yet in town. The rest of us had gathered at a bar that eventually led us back to someone’s house. As usual when we all get together the drinks did floweth. At some point I was talking about how I decided to brush my teeth that morning with my left hand. For the record, it made me realize how worthless my left hand is. This somehow lead the men (well everyone really) to discuss masturbation with their left hands. We all decided we learned how to do that when the internet came around. After all, righty was busy with the mouse searching for more pornography to feed the masturbation machine. Except one guy who said he didn’t do it with his left hand. We all decided it was because he used a smart phone in the left hand and doing the business with the right.

Anyways since they all know about our swinging the conversation took the obvious segue into that topic. Then mention of this blog came up because a few of them know about it. Most of them did not know at the time, but they do now… *wave*. They were immediately like, “What there is a blog? Why didn’t I know about this? Let me see it.” I tried to explain because there are things on their that they didn’t know. In the end I showed some of them my Man Kisses post on my phone.

My friends were not really surprised. I had at a previous 30th birthday party been really drunk and kissed my a guy friend who does know. Some of them saw that. Apparently they had had discussions about whether I had been with a man or not because I am pretty experimental and they know me pretty well. Some of these people have been my friends since we were toddlers. They had even asked my friends who knew about my man kisses if I had ever been with a man. Those friends apparently had not outed me. Nice work.

It was weird coming out to them. Mainly because it was such a non-issue and something that I hadn’t planned. I didn’t have time to think on it and get myself all tangled into a knot of emotions and what-ifs. Also, people probably see me as bi now. I always have been to some degree or another (those feelings definitely wax and wane), but now I feel like the label is there and people know. Before it was there and I flew stealth missions. Don’t mind me… just a straight guy with his straight wife. Now, I feel different. I can’t really explain how and it isn’t bad. It is just different.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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