I Rub My Penguin & Flower Power Vibrator Sex Toy Reviews


Big Teaze Toys I Rub My Penguin and Flower Power Vibe ReviewI love the cute toys, especially when they're as cute as the offerings from Big Teaze Toys. They have a variety of vibes to play with: rubber duckies, wormies, flowers, penguins, rockets, and aliens. All are adorable and come in a variety of speeds, styles, colors, sizes, and some are even waterproof. They really have something for everyone.

I was so happy and excited to receive three charming vibes from Big Teaze Toys, to open up the package from them and see an I Rub My Penguin, a purple Flower Power Vibe, and a white Flower Power Keychain Vibe. Yay! I couldn't wait to pop the batteries into each of the sweet little toys and give them a test drive.

I love penguins, so of course it was my first choice to play with the I Rub My Penguin. It was fantastic! It has 3 vibration speeds that you can change by pressing his little tummy. It was a bit hard pressing the tummy to change the speeds, but once I figured out how to use it, it was easy, and changing speeds never disturbed my playtime. The adorable little penguin was so soft and smooth as I rubbed it all over my wet pussy. It was so easy to hold and not once did it slip out of my hand. It applied an incredibly strong vibration to my clit and pussy lips. The delightful penguin made me cum so quickly, easily and multiple times. I fell in love! I want to use him all the time. He is one of my new favorites.

After being pleasantly pleasured by the I Rub My Penguin, I was all ready to tease my pussy with the friendly Flower Power vibes. I first tried the purple regular-sized flower vibe. I twisted the textured center of the daisy to power up the vibration and placed it over my silky, wet clit. It was a very soft, sweet vibration, and the stem was easy to navigate with, but I needed a little more. I went to turn it up, but realized it only had one vibration setting. I was sad I couldn't reach the desired level of pleasure I was craving. Then I thought I would try the Flower Power Keychain Vibe. Maybe it would have the little extra power I was looking for. So I twisted the center of the flower and got the vibration going. After a bit of playing and rubbing, I was coming to the same conclusion as with the full-size flower: just not enough power. I looked at the flower trying to figure out a way to get more out of it, and I noticed its petals were vibrating pretty fast, so I took the flower and placed the petal tip on my clit and twirled it over and over. It felt good, but it still wasn't getting me to cum.

So after a giving it an honest try, I put the flowers to rest. I really wanted the Flower Power Keychain Vibe to work. I thought it was the cutest thing to have a key chain vibe for those times when I need a quick fix. I also found out that the petals of the flower can be removed for it to be used as cock ring. I thought that was pretty unique, but I don't know of many guys who would want to put a flower around their cock, other than for a giggle. Something I did love about the Keychain Vibe was that it was waterproof, which is a bonus with me since I'm the queen of playing with vibes in the tub. Overall, I totally loved the I Rub My Penguin! I love that this little guy is waterproof! I'm going to be using him lots and lots to rub all over my pussy. I'm going to show him off to all my playmates. I hope to collect more I Rub My vibes. I really want to try the Duckies. They come in so many styles I know I can find one that suits me. As for the Flower Power Vibes, I will not being using them again. Just not for me. They seem more well suited for those who only need a small amount of vibration to get off.

I thank Big Teaze Toys again for allowing me the privilege to test out their sexy and sweet vibes. I will love my I Rub My Penguin for a very long time.
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