I Fucked a Girl (And I Liked It) – Adventures With a Feeldoe


girls kissingI've liked girls as far back as I can remember. My first crush was on a girl, and actually, so were the next three or four. But, aside from a few high school flings, I never really got all that serious with it. By the time I started college, I had a college boyfriend and that was how things continued.

Years later I met and fell in love with Tyler. I told him everything about me, including the women I'd dated. It was then that I remembered how much I'd enjoyed being with women, and how much I missed it. I'd expected him to be threatened by it, as other men in my life had been, but as it turned out, Tyler didn't believe that I had to choose a side. Instead he helped me reopen a door that I had closed, and, in the process, opened other new doors that I didn't even know existed. And so, after many long talks, many books, and many websites, we ventured into the world of Swinging.

Fast forward five years, and here we are – happily married and enjoying our life together, both in and out of the bedroom. We've tried lots of new things, and made lots of new friends. We don't feel like we constantly need to spice anything up, but ongoing curiosity does keep us open-minded to new experiences.

Knowing me the way that he does (better than I know myself some days), Tyler suggested that I would really enjoy using a strap-on with another woman. I'm a little toy-shy, so although I considered it, I must admit that I didn't consider it very seriously. First, I do just fine pleasing the ladies on my own, and second, with no tactile feedback, I really didn't see how it would be all that pleasant for me. I also worried that it could be too rough on my playmate. I'd go to the store and look at the various apparatus, but really didn't think I could go for it. I think a lot of my hesitation was that I was pretty sure I didn't want to be fucked by a strap-on, so I couldn't see how anyone else would want to be fucked by one attached to me. Also, a lot of them were scary…8 inches long, 2.5 inches thick, and very industrial looking.

My good friend and playmate Marilyn had been a bit more adventurous in strap-on land, but also had some reservations. She had only used a strap-on a few times and loved the feeling of being able to fuck and be fucked, but never got the feeling that it was really her. She said it just felt like an attachment. What she really craved was the feeling of being able to thrust and fuck like a real cock. Plus she wanted something simple and easy to use. When her husband Cooper told her about a strapless strap-on, a toy called a Feeldoe that he heard about on the Sex is Fun podcast, she was instantly interested. They bought one right away and were very eager to try it out.

Shortly after they bought it, Tyler and I were over at Cooper and Marilyn's for a little playtime and Cooper brought out the Feeldoe. If you've never seen a Feeldoe, It's a double-sided dildo with a bulb end that the driver inserts into her vagina, and then a dildo end (it can also be used by men, but that will have to be someone else's blog). They come in several different sizes, but the only one we tried was the Classic. With the Classic, the bulb (or pony) is 2.5” x 1.5”, and the shaft is 6” X 1.5”. It looks a little longer than that in your hand, but only 6 inches inches are usable. It's made of silicone, so it's easy to sterilize (but cannot be used with silicone lubes).

Anyway – back to Marilyn and Cooper…

So Cooper brought out the toy, explained what it was, and then set it on the nightstand. We all went about playing as usual, but admittedly the toy was on my mind. There was never any doubt that Marilyn wanted me to fuck her, and so not very long into our little couples romp, I decided that that was exactly what I wanted to do too (with a little encouragement from Tyler). Cooper had just stepped out to get some water bottles (very important for hydration), but when I popped my head down the stairs and yelled “I thought you should know I'm about to fuck your wife”, he was back in a flash.

At first the Feeldoe was a little unwieldy. I didn't have any problems keeping it in, but control was another matter. The purple cock wobbled left and right as I tried to get used to it. It was a little hard to get what felt like a good depth, but with a little advice and some assistance from Cooper, we were able to get the hang of it. The sensation was amazing. For once I was able to kiss Marilyn and please her and me at the same time, creating a deep feeling of connectedness. The toy reciprocated each of my thrusts (again, with a little help from Cooper) and in no time we were in a haze of rhythm. I felt like this is truly what having a cock must feel like…

When I asked Marilyn how it was for her, she said she the Feeldoe was very silky and sleek and fit very nicely inside her. She could feel me getting more comfortable with the rhythm and said that she felt so much closer to me when we could kiss and touch each other. She said it felt like we were in-sync and and that she was surprised that I was able to penetrate her G-spot that hard.

As we continued our motions, our husbands looking on, I could feel her getting closer and closer to climax. When she finally came, it was like nothing I'd ever seem from her (and according to her, nothing like anything she'd experienced before). It was so intense and erotic that it made her gush 3 times, which I enjoyed immensely.

I'd have to say this is the most interesting toy I've ever played with and I can't wait to get even better with it.



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