Summer Swingfest – Swinging in the Rockies


Summer Swingfest - Swinging in the RockiesI glance out my window at the beautiful terrain of the Rocky Mountains as we head towards Monarch, Colorado, my body electric with  excitement about our weekend at a mountain swingers festival. Thanks to Exotic Travel, we are about to partake in a full takeover of a mountain clothing optional resort by outdoor enthusiasts, most who are seeking a weekend of adult fun time and friendship. This is our second year at the resort, and I'm especially excited at the amount of people we know at this event, due to our previous involvement with the fun couple who run Exotic Travel.

Our weekend starts with a meet and greet at the bar in the hotel, one of the few places where clothing is required (as is the case with the restaurant.) My partner and long time lovah decides to take a nap before the evening's festivities. Though I share in his tiredness, my brain and body are still feeling that electricity of excitement and so I head down to the bar to join my fellow open-minded people to mingle. I immediately run into a couple of friends of ours and join them for a drink. Before I know it, we have a group of couples join us. The bar is full and my eyes feast on the loveliness of the ladies, all dressed up sexy and ready to flirt. I enjoy this cocktail party for the very reason that sex isn't likely to happen because it proves to me that there is more than just sex involved in these events, as couples trickle in and out, with people reuniting in friendship, both old and new. In fact, a couple we met in the Dominican Republic at another lifestyle event hosted by Exotic Travel flew in from out-of-town to join this event, and I'm happily introducing them to the group that gathers around our table.

Later, my partner and I head to the in-house club where a local band, who we know, is performing this first evening. As we listen to their first set and enjoy another drink, I watch sexy couples dance and groove on the dance floor. Women begin to flash their bodies at the crowd and we notice couples disappearing into dark corners to fondle and caress each other. Some slip furtively from the lounge to their rooms to continue their trysts. Suddenly, I'm summoned out of the lounge to my own room with the couple who joined us from out-of-town. In the room, we pair off and I join the husband of the couple on our bed. We kiss, our tongues moving together as his hands run up and down my body. My hands search out his hard-on, rubbing along it through his jeans until I unzip his pants and reach in. I've already removed my skirt during our lip-locked dance to the bed, and he quickly divests me of my shirt. I glance over at my lovah to see his head nestled between the wife's thighs and her smiling, blue eyes meet mine. Suddenly, we are joined on the bed by another local couple. After ascertaining that everyone is in agreement, we rearrange the couples and continue the fun. We've moved into the sex phase of our night and we all enjoy in some full swap swinging.

The next day, includes a Naked Pool Play Party at the outdoor pool, with catered lunch and another live band performing an outdoor concert. There is nudity and sunning (although I found it a little cooler this summer in the mountains than the previous one and end up wrapped in a thin blanket for most of the day.) There were prizes given away and naked romping in the sun. Part of the appeal of this trip to me was the chance to spend the weekend nestled snugly in the San Isobel National forest, just a few miles away from the Continental Divide. Though the pool party is fun, my partner and I decide to head to the Continental Divide to catch the breathtaking views of several mountain ranges. There is always the night for more fun, sexy times with our friends.

And that time begins in our room, where we share the dinner meal with two of our closest swinging couple/friends, since we decided as a group to share meal times and avoid spending extra money at the restaurant each night. Dinner on this evening is provided by me, and we sit down and enjoy our meal and the conversation. After dinner, we are joined once again by two out-of-town couples and close friends. One of the males breaks out his iPad and starts a rousing game of Wheel of Foreplay. Each of our names are entered into the game and we spin the wheel one at a time. The settings of the game allow for a variety of pairings, and our game is set for male-female and female-female pairings (as is par for the course in swinging.) Before I can say “this game is rigged,” I've lost my pants and panties to a spin. I watch as another female friend provides a sexy, teasing lap dance to a male counterpart. Then I'm being given a rub down by another male friend. My lovah gets 7 minutes in heaven with one of the ladies, and then the next lady to spin gets to told to join the couple in the closet for her spin.

The crowd by our door gathers and the room quickly becomes packed, since we left it open to help with the temperature of the room. Suddenly, the comfort level of our original group diminishes and the game breaks up. Our original group moves to another room where they can continue the swinging, fun time but my partner and I decide to head down to the indoor pool to cool off. While we enjoyed the fun time with our group, our extroverted personalities want to meet more fun people. We romp and play in the pool au naturel, where the fun times include a fantastic blow job by three different ladies for my lovah as he balances precariously on the edge of the pool. We end the night cuddling and reconnecting in our own room. The next morning we check out, say our goodbyes and head home after a yummy breakfast in an adjacent town. As we drive back into town, we share stories from the weekend, discussing our wonderful, sexy life.

It was a great weekend to be a swinger!


Sexy Lexy is a polyamorous swinger who spends a lot of time contemplating love, sex and relationships. She has spent a lot of time in both the polyamorous and the swinging communities and wants to help build a bridge between the two so we all can learn how to get along. She loves to explore… love, life, sex… and she intends to share it here - with you. Come read, come learn… about her, about her life and maybe about yourself. I dare ya. Love, Lexy - Follow her on twitter @DnvrPolySwinger

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