Curiosity and Fate – First Tentative Steps into the Swinging Lifestyle


First Tentative Steps into the Swinging LifestyleSince Anne and I opened up to our new neighbor friends about our lifestyle. Things have gotten interesting. As one would suspect, Mrs. Neighbor told Mr. Neighbor about it. When we were setting up plans to hang out again once Mr. Neighbor was back in town, I asked if she had told him about us and if we scared him. With a slight smile she replied, “Actually it's quite the opposite.”

The following weekend we got together at their place. The Neighbors made us dinner and served us wine. We talked about all sort of things, but after assuring Mrs. Neighbor, who is by far the more talkative of the couple, that she still had free rein to ask us any questions she wanted the conversation went back to sex, swinging, and the lifestyle.

The Neighbors confessed in the past that their sex life had been out of sync. Mr. Neighbor was good with his feelings and kinks and Mrs. Neighbor had been very much a vanilla girl. She had progressed to a point now where she was ready to explore things, but since she had tried in the past and failed, was worried that things were past repair. Anne and I assured her that it was not. They didn’t really delve into specifics of the kinks they were into, or rather Mr. Neighbor was into. We didn’t press that. They can share if and when they are ready. It didn’t really matter anyways. My advice would have been the same either way. I told them, “Baby steps. Figure out what is on the road to that destination and take the first step you are comfort with. If that still isn’t possible you can alway find a third-party to help.”

Mrs. Neighbor confessed to doing lots of research after we first told her about our swinging. She is very similar to me in that way. Spending lots of time in her head and finding facts. Mr. Neighbor seems much more like Anne, along for the ride. At this point I informed them that I had this blog. Being too shy to ask specifically about it Mrs. Neighbor resorted to research and had no trouble figuring out which one it was given the clues she had.

Back to the conversation. Mrs. Neighbor glances and Mr. Neighbor and says, “Can I ask?”

With a shrug he replies, “I don’t care.”

Then she looks to Anne and I, “I am worried if I say this you might hate us or something.”

Anne assured her that, “At this point I don’t really know what you could say in the context of this conversation that possibly do that.”

Mrs. Neighbor picked up a pillow then and half hiding behind it said, “You guys are awesome and cute. If we were interested in exploring swinging sometime would you be open to doing that with us?”

I answer was simply with a slight chuckle, “That would fine with me.” Followed quickly by a “sure” from Anne.

Anne apparently saw this coming days beforehand. I am apparently oblivious I only caught on to what she wanted to ask a few minutes before she actually asked. Oh well.

Mrs. Neighbor then went on, “Do you ever think things happen for a reason? I mean what are the odds that just as we are discussing our options about the issues sex life that we randomly meet you guys with your alternative lifestyle?”

“Humans are wired to see patterns in things. I don’t really think fate or Jesus or whatever had anything to do with it. Coincidence sure. Fate no.”, I replied.

She looked around the room at the three of us and we were all in agreement. Mr. Neighbor spoke up then, “Wrong crowd for that apparently.”

So, that is where things currently are with our Neighbor friends. They expressed interest, but we won’t push. They can get there in their own time. If they ever truly want to make the leap into the swinging lifestyle we will catch them… with our bed.


An average suburbanite barely into his 30s, Jack has recently begun a more exciting secret sexy life with his wife, Anne. These experiences have led him to preach the gospel of sex positivity and safer sex to anyone who will listen.

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  1. A long history of neighood swinging. My wife and I started out this way. She had had sex with the husband of a cousin of hers, with my permission. At that point we had been married only two of years, maybe not even that long. He had been flinting with her so she called his bluff. Apparently it went well. A year or so later we were in another town while I was in college. After the first semester she drove home and stayed with her parents. We had planned this and she contacted a mutual friend of ours we had both worked with. She got him to make love with her several times. The next summer we got together as a threesome and spent the summer fucking. That was about it until the late eighties when we meet a super sharp couple just minutes from our home. The only problem was that the husband was only into girl on girl threesomes. Needless to say, that died. Then in the nineties we meet another couple but he wanted to fuck my wife, but he didn’t want me to fuck his. After that we pretty much gave up. Anybody intersted, net us know.

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