Trip Report – Desire Resort and Spa with the Life on the Swingset


It's Desire Week at Life on the Swingset, with 150 days and less than 25 rooms remaining for our 2016 Desire Takeover (November 5-12) we're running Desire episodes of the podcast as well as blogs and articles. If you'd like to join us in Desire this November, head over to! It's booking fast!

Trip Report - Desire Resort and Spa with the Life on the Swingset Ms A and I listen to The Life on the Swingset podcast whenever we can. We've found it chock full of inspiration and education and it has helped us immensely as we've navigated our year and a half journey into the Lifestyle. Though we've never met them, Cooper, Dylan, Ginger, and ShiraB have all become welcome fixtures in our lives.

Last year we listened spellbound by the episodes documenting the Swingset's trip to Desire with Sex is Fun and the Swingercast group and when Cooper announced their plans to take their own group we decided to join them. After several months of juggling finances, arranging childcare, and worrying about logistics, we found ourselves boarding a plane for Cancun.

Composing this a week later, on the day after our arrival home, I have to say that all of that effort was completely worth it. The week we just spent at Desire was the most titillating, relaxing, illuminating, and enjoyable vacation we've ever had. We cannot wait to return.

Cooper's choice of Char Travel to organize the trip was inspired. Jim and Char made the task of booking the week effortless. They were a wealth of tips and information about the resort, what to expect, and what to pack. And though we didn't need it, it was reassuring to know that if we had any issues that they were there and available to help.

We arrived at the resort via USA Transfers at 11:30AM on Saturday and were greeted with the familiar “Welcome Home.” Our check-in was simple and efficient and we were delighted to hear that our room was already available and waiting for us.

Our room was a Garden View room with a Queen bed in the block furthest away from the lobby and hot tub. Being in the ‘quiet zone' suited us perfectly since we weren't planning on spending a lot of time in the room except for sleep. The resort is undergoing a significant overhaul of the rooms and the disco, and we're not sure if our room had seen that work yet, but the complaints we'd read about the lack of storgage space didn't hold for us. We had lots of drawers and hanging space for Ms A lingerie and our clothes and theme costumes. A couple of collapsible drawer organizer bins from IKEA sitting on the dresser made perfect storage for our play things, and a door hanging shoe organizer kept the vanity clear of our toiletries.

If we have a complaint about the room it would be the size of the shower. We are a tiny couple (as those who have met us can attest) and even we found it difficult to shower together (no, really, we mean shower, you know for getting clean?) A couple of extra square feet in the shower stall would have made all the difference.

The shower was also the source of the only ‘drama' we experienced during the week.

I had settled into my daily pre-dinner nap and Ms A decided to have a shower to get freshened up. She turned on the hot water faucet and was surprised to have it fly out of her hand and across the room followed by a torrent of hot water. The water quickly overwhelmed the drain and began to flood the bathroom. Groggily awakened by her frantic calls I stumbled into the bathroom and managed to find and cram the faucet back into the wall stemming the flood. We looked at each other stunned, and joked at each other that we were pretty sure that this was not the kind of ‘drama' that most swingers talked about. The resort cleaning and maintenance staff responded quickly, mopping up the water and by the time we got back from dinner our shower had new faucets and was good as new.

Talking about the resort staff, the stories you've heard are true. The service we experienced was outstanding. We were greeted with genuine smiles and friendly welcomes everywhere we went. The staff always went out of their way to make us feel at home and we never felt that any request was an imposition.

Ms A took advantage of the Gym and Spa, scheduling a massage one day which she thoroughly enjoyed. She was surprised to discover that the spa offered a full range of services, waxing, pedicures, manicures, etc and feels the resort could do a much better job of promoting these. A binder listing the resort services and restaurant menus etc in the room would have been welcome.

The weakest part of the entire trip in our opinion would have to be the food. There are four restaurants available. Three for dinner and one for lunch. The food was always competent and we were never disappointed, but we never found it outstanding either. After seven days, and eating at each of the available dinner restaurants at least twice, we did find ourselves wishing for one more dinner option. In the grand scheme of things though, dinner was the least important part of our trip, and to be completely honest we live in a large city with some truly world class restaurants, I think we've just become spoiled.

We really enjoyed our week with the Swingset group. The couples we met were uniformly intelligent, accepting, and (like us) odd in the most delightful ways. We had great conversations with whoever we talked to and everyone we met seemed to take great delight in sharing their insight, experiences, and lessons they'd learned.

The group mingle on the first day along with the name necklaces provided by Char Travel and the Swingset speed dating event kicked off the week perfectly. We felt immediately immersed in the group and for the rest of the week were never at a loss for someone familiar to chat or flirt with. Kudos to Cooper and Ginger for handling the logistics of the speed dating event, it was fun and flirty and worked extremely well, exceeding our expectations.

Our days were mostly spent lounging about the pool, people watching, or snuggling on a beach bed lost in the sounds, smells, and sights of the Caribbean. Evenings became the social highlight of the day. We'd start with dinner (rarely alone) and then head back to the room to change into our costumes for that evenings theme. Ms A loves playing dress-up and I certainly enjoyed watching her put her look together. Then it would be back down to the lobby bar to show off our outfits and participate in the night's entertainment.

The Desire provided entertainment was a lot of fun. On occasion it dipped into the cheesy – always in a good natured and fun way – but we were often impressed by the performers talent and skills and overall it exceeded our expectations. Ms A does hoop and poi so we particularly liked the fire hooping and poi, and the erotic circus was pretty impressive too.

The great thing about late evenings at Desire is that you can treat them as a buffet of options. If the entertainment does not interest you, you can find a secluded corner with some special friends to share a drink (or something else). If the music in the disco is not to your liking there is always the play room or hot tub. If the hot tub is too full the beds nearby may be more your speed. There is nothing stopping you from returning to take a taste of each of these again and again. We played, danced, and partied every night taking full advantage of all of the options available.

The end of the night would always end the same way for us though, spent and in each others arms asleep until we awoke the next morning to start again.

The week was languid, relaxing, and erotic and it felt like it would last forever. Sadly however that was not the case, and like all good things, it had to come to an end.

Would we go again? There is no doubt. After listening to Cooper during the live podcast invite us allĀ  to return with the Swingset crew again next year, Ms A looked at me and asked “Do we have to wait that long?” I couldn't have said it better myself.


We are Angelica and Damien, a mature married couple who are equal parts nerdy, artsy, and hip. We are open minded and sex positive and have been exploring the Lifestyle for a year and a half and love the diversity of people we've had the privilege to meet. We're not experts, but enjoy sharing the lessons we've learned and the experiences we've had.

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