Review: Nexus Maximus by Vixen Creations


Oh My Gosh! This was a fun toy! I LOVED using the Vixen CreationsNexus Maximus. Both using it on another women and having another women use it on me. Was extremely easy to use and was very comfortable on.

At first sight the Nexus Maximus is very intimidating. The Maximus comes standing up in a large cylindrical tube. Once I took it out and held the long, irridescent, double dildo in my hand I wasn't so scared of it anymore. It was very shiny, sleek, and pretty. It is made of 100%  silicone rubber and felt so soft and knew it was going to fit perfectly in me. One end was curved up for one partner to hold inside themselves and the other is a long dildo to fuck someone with. In the middle there is a hole in the bottom where you can insert a bullet vibe, which is provided, to enhance the double dildo experience. I just couldn't stop looking at it and holding it. Really wanted to try this out.

I inserted the Nexus Maximus in me by itself and was difficult for me told hold it in all alone. Definitely needed a harness of some type to assist me in trying the Nexus Maximus out. With the help of the Aslan Leather Double Driver Harness I was able to get the full experience of the Nexus Maximus. I also tried the bullet inside of the dildo to see if I could feel the anything and unfortunately it didn't really do much. I could feel it  and felt ok, but didn't feel like it was going to do anything for me, so I decided I was just going to use the dildo by itself.

First I tried using the Nexus Maximus on another women. After I was all straped in, I had the curved end of the dildo in me, and was all lubed up I was ready to go in. It went in very smoothly and gently, almost like it was meant to fit inside of her. Took a few tries to get comfortable with the controls, but after a little while I had the hang of it and felt great! It was very flexible, yet firm. Hit all the right spots on her as I held on tightly to my end. Was very, very pleased. Now I was ready for someone to fuck me with it.

Having the Nexus Maximus, with the help from a harness, used on me by Holly was a totally thrilling experience. Never have I had a dildo used on me that glided in and out of me with such ease and felt so rich and smooth inside my body. The length was outstanding and reached my G-spot repeatedly. I was enjoying myself immensely and as Holly was using the dildo on me could I knew she could tell too. She was able to control the speed and intensity very well and never had a slip up.  It also gave her this energy that I just loved seeing in her. She was able to concentrate on me and could pleasure me without having to worry about how the dildo was working. She was able to get me to cum multiple times with the help of the Nexus Maximus. It was truthfully an incredible experience.

The Nexus Maximus was also very easy to clean. You can either wash it throughly with soap and water or it can be sterlized in boiling water for at least 3 minutes. When completely dry, you will need to store the dildo in the reusable tube container it came in so it can maintain it's shape.

With both adventures I feel I got the true taste of what the Nexus Maximus from Vixen Creations has to offer.  Was simple and easy to use and felt truly marvelous. I would say the only thing that would need a little improving on would be the strength of it. I would have really loved being able to use this without a harness. Think I could reached new heights if I was able to use it alone. Otherwise I believe the Nexus Maximus is an awesome toy and can't wait to see what other adventures it will take me on.

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