Swing Date Ideas


Swing Date IdeasAre you tired of the same old cliché “Dinner and Drinks” or “Meet at the Club” swing dates? Conversation and spending time together are essential if you like to get to know your partners before playing. Rather than meeting at a coffee shop, bar or club, try activities that foster active flirting and connection.

Swing dates can be relaxing, exciting or even a bit competitive. Think about the hobbies or events you enjoy and how they might fit into your swing lifestyle. As an added bonus, the ideas listed below don't require eating food or drinking alcohol, making it easy to get into fun positions later in the evening. These non-traditional ideas are designed to be a fun, flirty warm-up before playtime with new partners or old friends.

Miniature Golf – I love miniature golf. It is really fun with swingers. Since you are walking and playing a game it is easier to talk and flirt than just sitting at a table staring at each other. You can use the club to tickle people or lift their skirts. There are often little hidden areas where you can sneak a kiss or a grope.

Bowling – This game was made for swingers! Where else can you stare at your friends' asses while you wait your turn? There's also plenty of opportunity for relaxed conversation.

Canoeing or Hiking – Being out in nature is always a turn-on for me. Enjoy the fresh-air, beautiful sights and sounds. Maybe even wet t-shirts?

Attend a Burlesque Show – Sexy music, dancing and individual expression can lead to your own sexy moves later.

Go-Kart Racing – This is a fun little adventure. The engines rev-ing and the wind in your hair will make you laugh and feel young. The adrenaline rush will spill over into your play time.

Playing Pool – Sticks, balls and holes! There are so many sexy moves in pool. Try leaning across the table or a behind the back shot. Moving around the table and changing up partners leads to easy flirting and casual touching. If you are not good at pool have someone help you make the shot. You can even make side-bets to be redeemed later.

Haunted House – It is too bad these are seasonal events. Haunted houses are a great excuse to grab onto someone you like. The dark and spooky environment can be sexy and the surprise ghouls will get your heart racing.

I'm sure there are so many more fun activities that are even more fun with swingers. Look for places where you can have a conversation and be active at the same time. A little competition or a pinch of adrenaline can add spice to any date. Feel free to add your own sexy swing date ideas in the comment section.


Lisa and her husband have been married for 16 years and non-monogamous for 4. They live in a swing state and are active in their local community organizing events. Lisa's passions include reading, writing, crochet, aquariums and building an amazing local and online swing community.


  1. This a nice article and very timely for us. Just this morning as I was off to work I spoke to my lovely spouse about her plan to set up a second date with the gentleman she and I went out with last week and liked at lot.
    The dynamic is always different when we go out with a self-professed bisexual guy rather than a straight guy in that it is not “her” date with me coming along, but it becomes “our” date with the sexual tension going in all directions.
    Perhaps this article will guide us on our date for Friday night.

  2. This is an awesome article. We host newbies meet-n-greets every month and this will be great to share with them. How to meet other couples is one of the most popular questions asked in our meet-n-greets.

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