Review: iRide by Doc Johnson


6020_01_BU_4I did not like the iRide by Doc Johnson, plain and simple. It is intended for the user to sit on a rocking base where a vibrating dildo and clitoral bump reside. The idea is to have hands free dual stimulation. Well I tried all the suggested positions, as well as a few I came up with on my own and no dice. I used it on a couch sitting up and then with knees folded on either side, on the floor sitting up and then with knees folded to either side, on a bed sitting and then with knees folded on either side, bent over using both hands to fuck myself with it, laying on my back using both hands to fuck myself with it. All to no avail. The iRide advertises that it changes pace with your body, which if it did, it was undetectable. I even watched porn while just sitting still on it, trying to grind down as hard as I could. Nothing. I'm not even sure it got me wet ( was the sole cause there).

The iRide was an atrocity.   

The material used for the iRide was all wrong. It was made of a hard and unforgiving plastic, even though it claims to be “cushioned.” As I bounced up and down on the toy and ground my body against it, I felt an uncomfortable bruising sensation on both my pubic symphysis (mons pubis) and ischial tuberosity (my butt). The base seemed to hit against the bones, causing an all around feeling of discomfort. Mind you I have fucked a wall with a suction cup dildo that felt better than this! If the clitoral bump and seat were made of a cushioning silicone, I would be better able to overlook the rigidity of the dildo.

Not only was the iRide uncomfortable, but it has the potential to be unsanitary. The dildo of the iRide sticks out of the rocking base with an unsealed seam around the bottom which would allow for bodily fluids or water to seep into. This could provide a breeding ground for bacteria or mold.

While the spacing between the dildo and clitoral bump was sufficient for my body type, it would not be for everyone. The vibrations were diffused throughout the entire toy, not centered on the dildo and the clitoral bump. Perhaps this is due to the vast empty space in its bulky design. In order to get the amount of power that would be required for this toy to have strong enough vibrations, the designer should have used D or 9V batteries, not 4 AA's.

I'd say there is much room for improvement in the design of the iRide by Doc Johnson. The general concept is interesting and could certainly be expanded upon. When I first looked at it's design, I imagined being able to use the iRide while pleasuring two other partners, but it turns out I would not be joining them in the climb to orgasm if I had.

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