Zoe’s First Swing Club – The Adventure Continues


Zoe's First Swing Club - The Adventure ContinuesMy name is Zoe Hanis and this is the story of how I discovered that I am not a club swinger.

After a nice play session, Jay and I went downstairs to find sustenance.

There were far more people in the swing club now and Jay commented that he wondered how many of them had peeked in on us as we had heard numerous tours going on as we played.

We gathered food and drink and found a table in a corner where we could people watch as we ate.

Jay said the club was not as busy as usual. There were quite a few couples, but I could see that there would be room for many more. I found it interesting to look at the women and try to guess their stories. Some looked fairly nervous; several were drunk already. As I scanned the room, I decided that I was the most attractive woman there; which is a little scary, given that I am usually extremely harsh on myself. Jay quickly agreed with this judgment; smart move on his part.

I think I was most surprised that the average age seemed older than I had expected. Perhaps I am just used to hanging out with the 30-somethings and not used to seeing an older crowd.

Jay asked me what kind of woman/man I found attractive. At that point I realized something that Cooper had told me before; I am NOT a club swinger. “I’m a sapiosexual”, was my reply. That was not helpful in figuring out who to talk to.

We watched the crowd for a while, and I half expected couples to come talk to us, but they didn’t. In retrospect, I wonder why we weren’t approached.

I did suggest we go talk to what I thought was the prettiest girl there. Of course, it helped that she was part of a group of three; I was hoping to meet some fellow poly people.

As it turned out, she was as far from poly as possible. She was at the club with her friends to cheat on her boyfriend as he was out of town and would never approve. We talked for quite a while. They asked if Jay and I were married; to which I replied, yes but not to each other. Jay explained that he usually swung with his wife, but since I had never been to a club we were here. And I educated them about polyamory; starting with the definition. They were under the impression that polyamory meant pansexual. They thought it was “cool” that my husband not only knew, but approved of my other relationships. Though pretty girl said it wouldn’t work for her boyfriend; apparently, he was a prude.

Jay and I left the table before they did. I was curious to see what was going on upstairs and honestly, I was tired of talking. As we left, they said they might join us later.

I hadn’t had the elevator (STI/barrier) speech with them. Perhaps because I knew that as physically attractive as they were, I couldn’t be a party to cheating. I have been before and I swore at that time that I never would again.

Jay and I looked in some rooms on the way back towards our canopy bedroom. There were numerous couples in all sorts of sexual positions. The room that we had previously occupied was in use, so we climbed up into an adjacent loft to watch. We were quite surprised to see that its occupants were none other than pretty girl and her friend’s husband. We watched as they groped each other like high school kids; not even bothering to disrobe. At one point I hollered down to her to lose her bra, but she wasn’t into letting me facilitate. Pretty girl’s friend joined them shortly and the couple proceeded to work on getting pretty girl to orgasm. Though still mostly dressed.

Jay and I spent time quietly critiquing them. We both thought that they needed to lose their clothes. The lack of flesh was annoying. He said that he enjoyed when the two girls gave the husband head. That is a turn on for him. I have found it hot to do but I wondered about their lack of protection. The female 69 was something that I found interesting; having never watched that before.

When they moved onto another room, we did as well. Jay suggested we use one of the rooms with a door but leave it open. I had no problem with that. I think he very well may have picked the room because it was right by the line to peek into the orgy room. So we would be sure to have an audience.

This time Jay brought four towels. I knew I was still going to soak through it all but I didn’t want to have to do laundry so didn’t bother with the Liberator Throe. It didn’t take long before I was once again gushing all over the bed.

I heard a comment from across the room “Oh my god. It’s like live porn!” I couldn’t figure out if she was talking in general or at my squirting in particular. We had collected quite an audience, and would continue to, until I was pretty much dehydrated.

I let Jay fuck me as I laid on my back after grabbing my Ola for extra clitoral stimulation. He came before I did, but that was perfectly acceptable, as I had also brought my Stronic Eins. Jay helped as much as he could (which is mostly watching) as I burst into hysterical giggles.

Now was the time for cuddling. I would have preferred to cuddle longer, but the lack of privacy was beginning to get to me. So it was time for a bit more food and soda before heading home.

Cooper was right. I am NOT a club swinger. I enjoyed the sounds of the others having sex around me. I enjoyed the freedom to watch and be watched. But I need more. I need the safety that comes with fucking people who care about your well being enough to use protection. I like the feeling of watching those I care about be happy. I need the connection that is formed by common experiences, interests and feelings. I am, at heart, a polyamorous progressive swinger.

I think that I may need to find someplace where I can do what I enjoy, with people I enjoy, in a place that I feel safe; perhaps a place doesn’t look like it belongs in a bad romance novel.



Zoe first described herself as "bad at monogamy" until about five years ago when she and her husband discovered the term that actually described her: polyamorous. Since then they have opened their family to other partners. Zoe is currently juggling relationships with her husband, their two kids, her husband's girlfriend, and a slew of friends/loves that she calls her tribal poly family. She can be reached on facebook or on twitter @ZoeHanis

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  1. This post sums it up perfectly (except that I do not identify as poly). I am NOT a club swinger either. And in my area, everything seems to filter through one swing club, which has left my husband and I feeling as though there are no options for us, as we have been to this club multiple times and have been repeatedly unhappy with it.

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