SS 142: Looking Back at 2013, Welcoming 2014 – New Years Closer


We decided to have a nice little end of the year chat. We've traveled and spoken so much this year, experienced so many beautiful people, endured intolerable amounts of grief, and come out of it looking forward to 2014. We give a little summary of some of the sexy events we've attended, laugh at The Professor for breaking the cardinal rule of hot tubs, and commiserate about the year a bit.

We're also saying goodbye to Ginger for the next few months, we'll miss her and we look forward to her rejoining our little group.

See you all in 2014!

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  1. Tummy orgasms are amazing, if you’re talking about the same thing I am. I’ve been having them for a couple of years. It’s that area in between the navel and the pubis. I’ve only personally have them combined with empathy orgasms, but if I actively worked at it I might be able to have one on its own. (Empathy orgasms are occur when I’m highly aroused and my partner’s orgasm triggers one of my own.)

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