The Great Fleshlight Experiment Sidebar: How To Clean Your Fleshlight


I've received a few emails now since starting my Fleshlight experiment about how to clean up after a session with the Fleshlight and it's really a lot easier than one might think. Simply remove the Fleshlight from its container, spread it open and run hot water directly through it for a while. Once done running down, flip it over and run water through the other way. Then let it dry completely. (Overnight has tended to do just fine)

Soap and alcohol (while advised for use on other toys) can break down the skin of the Fleshlight and will ultimately ruin your toy rather quickly. You also cannot boil the Fleshlight as you can with silicon toys

It bears mentioning that since you are only essentially flushing the toy out, it will not be completely sterilized, and therefore should not be shared between people unless used with a condom…just saying.


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  1. Isopropyl alcohol does not affect the FL material in any negative way.  It is, in fact, an important part of the cleaning regime, killing any microbes and expatiating the drying process, inhibiting mold growth.  Mold spores love dark, humid places so the more airflow that you have around the FL while it is drying, the better (ie don’t just throw it in the closet).  Also, even with light weight lubes, it is important to do more than just flush hot water through the sleeve, especially textured sleeves.  With the water running into one end, stick your finger in the other and rub around.  Repeat at other end.  If it’s still slick inside, you’re not done cleaning.

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