Review: Femblossom and Womolia with HEAT! by Emotional Bliss


What girl does not like a good vibrator? I know I LOVE a good vibrator! So when I came across these two vibes from Emotional Bliss, I was a little skeptical when they were advertised with a heat option. Getting the vibrators out of the box I liked the fact that they were rechargeable toys but was a little intimidated but the shape and look of the Femblossom and how sterile I thought they looked but hey, who am I to let a little intimidation get in my way of finding a good toy or two. I plugged them in to charge and get them ready for my night testing and enjoyment only to find out a few hours later that even though I had them plugged in and they were showing that they were charging, they did not charge at all. Disappointed I wanted to know why they didn't charge, so I played with the jacks a little only to realize that there was a contact issue between the charger plug and the jack receptical on the toy. Once I figured that out and got them back onto their way of charging I knew my next attempt at play was not going to have this hurdle to jump over again.

Night two and my second attempt and the excitement of testing these toys out was too much. I dashed home as quick as I could, tore off my clothes, dove for my bed, only to find my new kitten sitting with the one of the cords in her mouth and no toy attached to the end of it. “OH NO!” I thought to myself, sitting there in my nakedness hanging over the edge of the bed trying to get my hands on the kitten, who of course thought this was some fun game that I was trying to play with her, to get the plug away from her and try to find the toy that she scooted to the middle of the floor underneath my bed. Of course, the hardest place in the world to get to as adult sized but easy for kitten size!

Lesson one here:  If you have a new kitten or cat that thinks everything is their play toy….charge your toys somewhere where they can not get to them and make you playtime more challenging. Lesson two here: getting a sheet burn from hanging upside down over the edge of your bed really is not very much fun!  All humor aside, after I tracked down the toy and the charger and scooted the kitten OUT of my bedroom, I proceeded to try testing these toys out again.

Knowing that I needed to really relax I picked up the Femblossom and gave it a good look. I thought that it would be awkward and uncomfortable and hard to use but boy was I wrong! I turned the power on, again a louder toy but not obnoxious, I ran it through all the speeds in my hands and started noticing the shape and conture of the toy.  Thinking of other ways this toy could be used other than sexual pleasures. As I had it set on a regular medium speed and set it up on the nape of my neck and noticed something interesting, it was getting warm and I was really relaxing at this point. Well before I got too relaxed I moved this bad boy down to my pussy and was not going to miss out on any action! As I set it so it cupped my pussy I noticed the sensation from the textured, everything got stimulated.  My clit, my out lips my inner lips and as I turned up the power I could get slight sensation internally as well…WOW!  Well, the long I worked with it through different speeds and vibration options the warmer it got making orgasm explosive for me! It was amazing. Only warning I have girls is that you are very sensitive skinned it can get really HOT. So if you are not a fan of HOT these may not be a toy for you because there is no option to turn the heat off.  Maybe another design concept Emotional Bliss may want to consider in the future is being able to turn the heat off or a temperature control option. But personally I was very happy with the Femblossom!

[Ed. Note: The heat is actually produced by the vibrator motor, so it's more difficult to control.]

Once I got my bearings back and my eyes to stop rolling into the back of my head I could not wait to try the Woomolia.  A wand toy, much less intimidating, but reminded of the iJoy toys a little.  So, knowing what those do I have to admit that I walked into this toy thinking I knew what I was going to get out of it performance wise.  For the most part I was right, same functions as the Femblossom as far as speeds and the heat option went but what I did not anticipate was how that heat was going to work on me on the inside!  WOW!  It was amazing!  The heat for me really added something that really made the orgasm more relaxing but also really powerful.  So as I was again taking a good look at my brain from the inside of my head I thought why not try using both toys together.

WARNING:  When using both toys together expect to have not only your mind blown but your sheet soaked from the most intense orgasm you may have using both toys at once!  HOLY SMOKES!!!!  It was amazing!  For two toys that I was soooo skeptical about from the beginning and the little hiccups I had in charging, who cares when you can have and experience like this!  Ladies I am telling you, this is one thing you must try for yourself if you can!  The power on these motors on these vibrators does not disappoint but with the heat it really makes a lot of difference in the orgasms.  I really enjoyed these toys highly and will complete recommend them!  If you get a chance, check these two toys out, I think these are a must for a girls personal toy chest!

Ladies, ENJOY!  I know I really did!

Full Disclosure: We did not purchase this product, it was sent to us specifically for review. Our policy is to, regardless of how we acquired a product, review it fairly and openly. No writer for Life On The Swingset will ever deliberately mislead our readers into believing that a product is good because of anything we received from the company. We are open and honest, and cannot be bought or bribed. If we love a product, we'll tell you, if we don't, BELIEVE us, we'll tell you that too. End disclaimer.


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