Review: Lust L6 by Jopen – My Little Ivy


Review: Lust L6 by Jopen - My Little IvyI must admit that I wanted the Lust L6 because I thought it looked weird. It’s an entirely unique design that I had never seen before and it left me tilting my head in various directions wondering just how it is meant to be used. The Lust L6 that I received from Jopen to review is green, and I like to call it my little Poison Ivy. Due to the strange letter-number system Jopen likes to use, I’m just going to go ahead and call this cute vibe Ivy.

I was delighted at how much I enjoyed Ivy. The toy is actually larger than I imagined from the images on Jopen’s site. The Lust L5 looks exactly the same, design-wise, to Ivy but shorter. I can’t imagine that the effect is all that different with an inch of length either way, but I really like the size of the L6 version so I’m going to recommend that over the L5. The overall shape of Ivy is very similar to a shapely goddess figure raising her arms up to the sky… or a curvy lady doing the mountain pose in yoga (this is how my brain works). Ivy is made of completely smooth, seamless silicone. It's is tapered to a small head with two petal-like arms that cover the head and flare out a bit at the very top. The arms are completely flexible and although they don’t have their own vibrating motors, the vibration carries through the arms very nicely. Ivy has 10 vibration functions that are very powerful. The toy is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof.

Enough with the details, how does it feel, right? It feels soooo good. I played around with this toy on multiple occasions to try it out in different ways. There is no “here’s how you should use it” guide, only a diagram (tucked in a nice little pocket on the inside of the box) that says what each part is.

Review: Lust L6 by Jopen - My Little IvyThis wasn't entirely helpful on what I should do with it, so I played around and got creative. I found three different fun ways to use Ivy:

First, just as an external clit vibe. Ivy is a bit larger of a toy than most people need to just stimulate the clit, but it works perfectly (then again the Magic Wand is huge and that’s my go-to clit toy, so size does not really matter). The “head” portion of Ivy has the strongest vibration, but the petals flit around really fast and can be used as a clit stimulator pretty effectively. I just set the whole top of the toy on my vulva and the head rests naturally on my clit, the petals around my labia. This is probably my favorite of the three positions I used the toy in. If you know the anatomy of the clitoris, it’s not just the little bubbly head that sticks out, it travels the entire length of the vulva. So the petal-like arms fit nicely down the length of the vulva and vibrate the whole area. DE-LIGHT-FUL.

My second try was with the head inserted. Jopen claims Ivy is a g-spot toy, so I thought I should see if it hit my g-spot. I’m not sure it really had enough curve to work well as “g-spotter” (I’m totally using that as a word from now on), but it was still a nice penetrative toy. I twisted it to the side so that one of the petals vibrated against my clit and the other kind of laid against my perineum/anus. The petals didn’t work exactly like a rabbit style vibrator would, where most of the vibration is concentrated in the clit portion, because most of the power was in the head part that I had inserted. If you’re looking for a rabbit-dual-style vibe, this isn’t quite where you should look (Jopen has that covered in different toys though that I will review later!).

My third try with the toy was to squeeze the petals into the head and use the entire thing internally. This made Ivy much thicker and it felt a lot fuller. The head on the toy is fairly small, so just the head alone is like 2 fingers, but the head and petals together is a lot girthier. The petals almost want to spread apart, so there’s also a little feeling of it growing inside you as the petals move. It was a lovely feeling, and if both petals are too much girth, it’s nice to take one petal out to move against the clit when moving the toy in and out.

All and all, I really enjoyed this toy and would recommend it to those looking for a mostly clitoral (but sometimes insertable) rechargeable vibrator. For being under a hundred dollars, I think this rechargeable toy is well priced. Most toys with this much power and this many vibration modes are sold for well over $100. If you're in the market for these attributes and like the idea of a toy with feminine spirit, Jopen's Lust L6 is for you.


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  1. I’m so glad you talked about how you used it! I’ve been eyeing this toy and trying to figure it out. I’d probably do the same things you did! Option 3 sounds lovely 🙂

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  3. Thank you so very much for this review. This thing sounds AWESOME and I love your candidness with which you described the ways to use is. YOU ROCK!

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