Review: Pop Top Deluxe G-Spot


Review: Pop Top Deluxe G-SpotI was sent the Pop Top Deluxe G-Spot attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand* in exchange for an unbiased review from Good Vibrations. The toy is made by Pleasure Works and was one I specifically asked Good Vibrations for because I've been eyeing it up for a few years.

It's made entirely of body-safe silicone that is super smooth. I requested to get the purple one because I'm not a fan of black sex toys, but it comes in either purple or black. The purple has a delightful shimmery hue (yay for femme sex toy glamor!). What stood out to me right away was the unique shape. I should preface this section by explaining what a “Pop Top” is and what it is used for, in case anyone is lost. I know it seems simple enough, but I have seriously had someone ask me, “Do the guy's balls go in here?” pointing to the cup part of the toy. The guy's balls do not go in there. The “cup” part of the toy is the cap that “pops” onto the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand (also known as the Original Magic Wand). A lot of people love the strong (read: super-uber-intenso) vibration of the Magic Wand but are bummed that the head is made for just external use only (too big to be inserted safely), so caps started to be invented in the last decade or so dedicated to letting Hitachi-lovers feel the magical powerful vibrations internally.



So, I found the shape unique, as stated above. What I liked about it is what makes it a particularly “G-spot” toy: a nice upward curve and a flat semi-firm head. The head part resembles one of my favorite G-spot toys out there, the Lelo Ella, so I had a good feeling about this attachment. I also like that it's not penis representational, so great for folks that aren't keen on penises. Another feature I enjoyed was a little clit-nub at the base of the curve, that fits snuggly against the clit when the whole toy is inserted. The length of the toy was also really nice. Not being a size queen myself, the stubby 4″ of insertable length was perfection. The G-spot is only an inch or two inside of the vagina, so most G-spot toys shouldn't be very long (unless the length is just the handle to grip onto it).

As for how it feels: WHOA. The Magic Wand is a lot of vibration for most people, it can even be too overwhelming for a lot of people, but it's just right for me (now my mind is playing a story of Goldilocks where she's looking for the perfect vibrator…) My clitoris isn't too picky and it doesn't need wand-level intensity, but if I want to get the job done in a matter of a few minutes, the wand is what I turn to. The day I bought my Hitachi, I threw a CD on, Maroon 5's first album if I remember correctly (because back in the day they were my sex-jam), and I came twice before the first track finished. So, yeah… It's strong. And externally, strong is awesome, internally strong is WHOA. I could feel the vibration in my teeth! It wasn't too much, but it was close. It didn't take more than a minute to orgasm, but it was kind of a forced orgasm. Kind of like my body wasn't quite ready for it, but it had to anyway (which makes this great for those kinky folks out there into orgasm control and forced orgasms).

One feature that is good for me, but I acknowledge might not be everyone else's cup of tea, is that this design works great for double penetration. If I want to use the Hitachi while having sex, my partner usually gets in the way and the positioning is really hard to get just right. I usually end up totally numb before I can come because it's just been buzzing too long on the wrong spot. On the other hand, when my partner and I are having anal sex, he doesn't get in the way at all and it's easy to position the Hitachi the right way. Using this attachment, not only was I able to hit my clit with the intense vibration, but my entire being was hit with the vibration. My partner also liked the feeling of the vibration against him while he was inside me anally. New levels of WHOA, is all I have to say.

The price is $40 at Good Vibrations, which I have to say is totally worth it. The Magic Wand is only around $55, which will last you about a decade (don't quote me, but for reals, mine is going on 7 years, and stronger than ever so…), and if you like the intensity of the wand and always wished you could feel that inside you, then this is the toy for you.

* You can use any kind of wand with the Magic Wand style head, and there are a ton out there, but we on the Swingset stand behind our love of the Original Magic Wand and wouldn't want you to settle for any of the knockoffs out there that don't pack half the punch the good ole' Hitachi does.


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