Hot Tub Against Humanity – A Swingset Craft Corner Project


Hot Tub Against Humanity - A Swingset Craft Corner ProjectIf you like games, have access to a large hot tub, and if sexy naked folk, snorts of laughter and groans of disgust, innuendo and double entendre, and stolen kisses all sound like an awesome time to you, please read on.

Prior to the latest Life on the Swingset trip to Desire Resort and Spa, and continuing our tradition of bringing our own home-brew social lubricants, we decided to try hosting a game of Cards Against Humanity (CAH).

The thing about Desire, is that the hot tub ends up being a social hub. Often the few hours from mid-afternoon until dinner becomes ‘Hot Tub Happy Hour’ gathering a large group of boisterous sexy peeps looking for some flirty, chatty, fun. With the Swingset group, we figured this group would also skew heavily to the geeky/nerdy end of the spectrum. The type of folks who would definitely be game for CAH.

One small problem. Hot, chlorinated water, and stock playing cards do not go well together. We have The CAH Bigger, Blacker Box, the game and all of the expansion packs, but returning home with a soggy mess of cellulose was not something we found attractive. Some head scratching, and Google searching later – that Google Guy is amazing, he knows everything, and types really fast – we’d found:

Making the Game

  1. Buy some water resistant card stock, the link above is for 100lb card stock from They are Canadian (as are we), but I’m sure you can find something similar on the interwebs.
  2. Download the core Cards Against Humanity cards using the link above.
  3. Optional: Using the blank templates, create your own additional extra spicy cards. Pro tip: That Google Guy can probably help you find additional card ideas.
  4. Optional: Download our Swingset specific cards
  5. Follow the instructions included with the CAH download, and print out the cards using a laser printer (not inkject, as the ink is usually water soluble). We used a color laser printer, which worked well. So a trip to your local Kinkos or print shop may be called for.
  6. Using a paper cutter or straightedge and a hobby knife, carefully cut out the cards. Warning: This will take some time, not to be attempted at the last minute.

Hot Tub!

Gratuitous Hot-Tub!

Swingset Rules

Given that we’d be playing at Desire with some folk primed for some “extra sexy” we chose to modify the traditional CAH rules slightly:

  1. The first Card Czar (i.e: the person/couple to read a black card and judge the responses) is the most recent person in the group to have orgasmed.
  2. The winner of each round gets to ask any other player for a kiss – they must seek consent first, obviously.
  3. No other points are collected or tracked.
  4. The game ends when the noise level in the Hot-Tub gets too high – or one of the kisses above leads to something more…

Additional Tips

  1. We found using three large freezer bags to hold the black, white, and discarded cards helped a lot. This made it easy to pass the cards around, and collect the used ones, without them blowing or floating away.
  2. The card stock we used was water resistant not water proof they’ve held up well, even after being dunked periodically (Floater!). However, when they got wet during a game, they needed to be dried out after. Laying them out on a towel or two helped with that. Desire Note: More towels = more gooder.
  3. The game worked well up to about 12 players. After that, it got a little difficult to keep things straight and ensure that everyone could hear what was going on. Playing as couples or triads helped keep things manageable as the game grew.

A Challenge

We would love to add to our Life on the Swingset specific cards, if you have any ideas, especially for the black (question) cards, we’d love to hear them. Please leave your suggestions in the comments, and we’ll periodically update the pdf with the juicy ones.


We are Angelica and Damien, a mature married couple who are equal parts nerdy, artsy, and hip. We are open minded and sex positive and have been exploring the Lifestyle for a year and a half and love the diversity of people we've had the privilege to meet. We're not experts, but enjoy sharing the lessons we've learned and the experiences we've had.

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