Ginger Is An Aphrodisiac


Hey there, sexies! I’m Ginger. Such a pleasure to be here with you. I am one half of the Ginger and the Professor blog. Prof and I have had an open relationship for about four years with many hot, sexy years before that. We have always been open-minded and have an intense connection. Add to that a revved up sex drive and my omnisexuality and you’ve arrived at the recipe for our open relationship.

Prof and I consider ourselves castaways from the sexually-repressed culture because on our island sexuality is what it should be: an important component of a healthy, satisfying relationship. (Wow…that came out sounding like a commercial for “Sexuality” the breakfast cereal.)

We feel like we are among “our people” when we are in the midst of like-minded, sex-positive friends, so we like to exist on that island as much as we can. To ferry as many people to the island as possible, Prof and I like to put our perspectives about consensual non-monogamy out there for other like-minded sexies to read. We like the interaction and hearing others’ perspectives.

When we met Cooper and became acquainted with the Swingset crew, we couldn’t resist.  Swingset is filling the void, the huge, wide, gaping void of sex-positive, healthy information for the Lifestylers out there. Of course, we have amazing people who blazed the trail: Dan Savage, Tristan Taormino and the Sex is Fun crew. And as far as swinger podcasts go, the Grammy, or maybe Nobel Prize, goes to John and Allie of Swingercast! Where would we Lifestylers be without hearing about their “hot” times? Listening to Swingercast makes my workouts fly by and makes me horny as hell. Prof and I wait poised at the download button for their new episodes.

So here’s to contributing to a critical mass of sex-positive information and sharing out here in cyberspace. Join the dialogue.  I would love to hear your perspective too. I hope to contribute as much energy and quality thought to the reinvention of the modern romantic partnership as possible. It is your relationship: make it yours and make it super sexy!

By the way, it is important you know that Ginger is an aphrodisiac. Really.




As an oversexed, omnisexual castaway from the sexually-repressed culture, Ginger believes the next sexual revolution of total sex-positivity is just around the corner and it’s time for the revolutionaries to unite! Be her friend on Facebook - Follow her on Twitter

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  1. I've been assured by a friend that not only is Ginger a fine sexy co-host, AND an aphrodisiac, but it's ALSO, when carved into a plug, an instant erection generator…haven't tried it, but thought of you, my dear.

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