Zebra Stripes: Combining Swinging and Polyamory


Zebra Stripes: Combining Swinging and PolyamoryWhen we last left our hero…I had met the wondrous, polyamorous person nicknamed on these pages as Wisdom. After the party events described in Butterflies, Wisdom and I became friends, then lovers, and then partners. I found myself in polyamory and deep in NRE. I told her about my swinging activities, and she did not turn away in horror or disgust. Instead she turned towards me and embraced me and (to a degree) my lifestyle. She reads my blogs, and in truth, for a while I haven’t written as I have been living the dream rather than writing about it.

All of my activities, parties, munches, and club nights to this point were as a single male, a difficult environment to say the least. I needed to be open, communicative and friendly, with no expectations, just hopes of finding play with sexy people. I didn’t need to consider some of the aspects of play that couples need to address every time they go out. Is my partner comfortable? Does she like the other guy? What if another woman wants to play (Wisdom isn't really bi)? Does she feel included or abandoned? Does she want to stay or go? I needed to worry only about my own headspace, and frankly that was plenty a few times.

But now I was going to take her to my club for the first time as a couple. She knew about my bisexuality and wanted to share me in such an environment, so not only was I taking her to the club for the first time, but we decided to go on bi-guys night. Since the events recapped on The Deep End of the Pool, my club had not often hosted bi-guys night. There was a long gap until it made it on the schedule, then was cancelled due to lack of signups (I was one of six… not great). I did attend with Alex (my trans friend), but this was different. I was introducing my lover, my partner, to the club where I have enjoyed most of my non-monogamous sexy time. I wanted her to love it as much as I do and to return with me in whatever role she felt comfortable.

We talked on the way there. I told her that she would be my focus for the evening, but I would also play with other people, if the right person crossed my path. She said she would operate under the same rules, but we would stay in the same room whatever happened and check in to make sure everyone was having fun. We took the mandatory “Safety Tour” (which I actually enjoy) after Wisdom changed into her club outfit. She had decided on a zebra theme, with a zebra striped robe and matching striped bra and panties. OMG she looked hot! She told me that she chose the black and white stripes for bi-night because the contrast of light to dark reminds her of the polarity of male to female, but also because all sexuality is on a continuum. The zebra is her favorite animal, and she told me about how zebras in a herd use their stripes to blend in together as they run from predators. As a sapiosexual, I am smitten. How on earth I managed to fall for the sexiest girl in the room (or how she fell for me), I will never know. She and I headed to the bar where I began my first club soda with lemon of the night.

The club was sparsely attended that night. This is not the most popular night on the calendar, and my radar started pinging in AWACS mode… “Who here looks like a likely partner?” I have had rather good luck at these events and was a little disappointed when nobody really seemed attractive. Either I was unlucky… or becoming more discriminating…or both. We talked with some people we met at an earlier party in the year, and while I was interested, they were not interested in us… fair enough. After sneaking off to the men's room for the needle treatment (see A Bridge Too Far), Wisdom and I decided to play with each other in the black light room.

Now I have usually hated the black light room, and indeed I had not yet played there. It is in the quiet corner of the club, with a green UV painting of a nude woman over the bed, and the room is super hot (and not always in a good way) due to the high intensity black light bulbs and very little air circulation. Worse, many couples who use this room want privacy so the door is closed ending any circulation that might have existed. But when Wisdom walked into the room, the white stripes on her bra and panties (and robe, but I wasn't looking as much at the robe) popped! She was aglow in her contrasts of hot white purplish stripes and blackened contrasting stripes. Casting off her robe, her olive skin appeared much darker in the UV, and my own pasty white complexion contrasted to the point we almost looked like an interracial couple. She looked stunning! I stripped and she noticed for the first time my darker freckles, contrasting my pale skin in places she had never seen them before. We started playing with the door open, and a few people came to look in upon us. We had hoped someone might come in for some chat leading to additional adventures, which didn’t seem to happen, but thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Wisdom brought out her Hitachi (her toy that will consistently bring her to orgasm) and I used the Njoy11 on her at the same time. We worked her over until she squirted, releasing in an enormous orgasm on the towels laid under her.

Lying in post orgasmic release, she stretched with nude yoga, doing a naked version of “legs on the wall” (a former dancer and gymnast, I so love this woman!) when a new couple came to the doorway. (Timing is everything). They asked if we were up for any more, but we were both spent, needing water and a little rest. We said we might be up for more after some recovery. Both of them were quite attractive, and they were also interracial, which seemed interesting because of the observations we made about our own skin tones under the UV lights. Back to the bar, with Wisdom clothed again only in her zebra stripes, the gentleman offered us shots. I kindly declined and explained I no longer drink since discovering the lifestyle, but for them to enjoy themselves any way they saw fit. We chatted and gave them a brief elevator speech. I told them about Swingset, about my own path to nonmonogamy. Wisdom also regaled them with some interesting stories. The lady asked Wisdom if she played bi? Wisdom told her she was hetero-flexible and would be happy to kiss and might receive, but would probably not give oral. My cock started getting hard again at the thought of this. My partner’s first time to the club, and that might happen…what a lucky man am I!

We retired to a room with two beds, and started getting physically acquainted with our new partners. We kissed females to males and started stripping. As we pleasured each other orally, the lady looked over to Wisdom with an arched eyebrow. They kissed, my first time with my partner in a same sex scenario, and she went down on Wisdom as I went down on the gentleman. Swapping positions as well as partners (the couple asked for soft swap only, something easily accommodated) we traded back and forth with Wisdom ultimately bringing the gentleman to orgasm with her hand and a generous amount of lube, while I licked the lady to an intense hard fast orgasm. Wisdom came several more times soaking the towels and sheets. Everyone spent, I gave them my contact info (we might cross paths again) and dressed to leave.

Wisdom had a great time, she loves my club, and has attended again (article yet to be written). We continue to explore each other as well as other opportunities in our nonmonogamy. I truly don't know how I managed to be as fortunate as I am in loving her, but I am truly blessed.


The Salmon is exploring swinging and poly as a married single. Married for over 20 years, he and his love explore non-monogamy together and in different ways.

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