Crash Pad Series Episode 185 – James Darling and Juliette March


Crash Pad Series 185 - James Darlling and Julitte MarchCrash Pad Series – Episode 185

It’s time for another Crash Pad review, here on Life on the Swingset. This time, James Darling makes Juliette March a very thankful girl, over and over and over again.

The scene starts with James and Juliette passionately kissing, as The Keymaster watches them. I don’t know about you, but I reckon that being The Keymaster to the Crash Pad is probably the best job going… Anyway. There’s lots of heavy petting and making out and it’s all very intense. James and Juliette seem really into each other and the chemistry is practically tangible.

James starts rubbing Juliette’s pussy through her panties and tights – and may I just interject to say that those ripped black tights are hot as hell, thank you – and, upon discovering she’s not wearing a bra, this bit of dialogue ensues:

James: “Someone’s not wearing a bra. What kind of girls don’t wear bras?”

Juliette (pretty much immediately) “Sluts!”


There’s more kissing, touching and stripping off before James gets Juliette on her hands and knees and starts kissing and licking her ass through the panties and tights. James Darling is pretty much solid in everything he does and his enthusiasm here is to die for. He compliments Juliette on her ass before tearing her tights (which is as hot as you imagine it to be) and continuing what he was doing, including a bit of light impact play as he goes along. Juliette plays with herself as James does what he does best.

James eventually unzips his shorts (for he is wearing a pair of shorts, which <333) and reveals he’s come prepared as he’s wearing a harness and quite a formidable cock. Juliette greedily sucks him, which James is clearly enjoying. I do have to point out that as much as I love Juliette’s enthusiasm, I’m not much of a fan of the gagging noises that pepper these bits of the scene. Just personal taste, mind.

James undresses fully and Juliette continues to suck him dressed in just her panties and torn tights. James tears Juliette’s tights even further and pushes her panties aside. He finger fucks Juliette as she continues to work his cock. Juliette utters sweet nothings (“James, you’re so good.”) and thanks him plenty of times as he fingers her pussy so intensely, she has to bite her finger to keep from screaming.

James’s technique is pretty damn good, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets Juliette to squirt as she comes – loudly. The fucking that follows is as intense as the rest of the scene and I did briefly wonder whether both of them could do with a bit of a break! But James and Juliette play on, as James takes off his harness and Juliette lavishes some oral love on him, with assistance from her fingers.

After a long while of James being in control, it’s nice to see him at the mercy of Juliette – I love watching James as he moans in ecstatic bliss. At the end, James goes back to fingering Juliette – and the Hitachi (seemingly pulled out of hammer space) comes out to provide assistance. My absolute favourite shot of this scene is in this section, as the camera lingers on Juliette’s toes curling in ecstasy. They end with a kiss and a cuddle, bathing in the afterglow of some really intense moments.

James and Juliette work rather well together. Before I watched this scene, I hadn’t ever seen Juliette in anything but she comes across as a lovely person and her adorable utterings of thank you to James are to die for. James, meanwhile, is James and he is always a joy to watch. Overall, I liked it, apart from the gagging bits. Which is, as I said, my personal taste of course.


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  1. James: “Someone’s not wearing a bra. What kind of girls don’t wear bras?”

    Girls with small breasts? Or conversely, girls with lots of back pain?

    Sluts with large breasts who wish to avoid back pain wear bras as a matter of necessity. Sluts with large breasts who don’t mind back pain so much are on their own.

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