Crash Pad Series Episode 154 – Andre Shakti and Tina Horn


Crash Pad Series Episode 154 – Andre Shakti and Tina HornCrash Pad Series: Episode 154Andre Shakti and Tina Horn

Welcome to another Crash Pad Series review, here on Life on the Swingset. This time around, Andre Shakti and Tina Horn have the keys to the kingdom – and it’s not long before the Crash Pad is sizzling with their chemistry.

The scene starts with only Andre in the frame, patiently waiting for something… or someone to happen. Indeed, you can hear Tina before you see her, boots click-clacking on the floor as she circles around Andre and gives her the once-over. Tina Horn is one of my absolute favourite performers because she just radiates confidence in everything she does. As she frisks Andre, grabbing her face before throwing her on the bed, you never once get the sense that she isn’t utterly 100% in control.

And neither do you ever get the sense that Andre doesn’t like it – on the contrary, both performers have excellent non-verbal communication going on and even when Tina is indulging in a little light impact play (slapping, punching, etc.), Andre is grinning all the way through. This is clearly a scene that’s been well-negotiated beforehand and is all the hotter for it.

Andre watches as Tina grabs some toys from the cupboard, including a Hitachi and a big throe. Tina grabs Andre’s head and slaps her lightly with her gloves, twice, before they kiss. Andre strips and Tina spreads her legs, looking her over before she starts playing with Andre’s pussy. There are some hot kisses and expert breast loving bestowed on Andre’s tits before she takes off her panties and Tina puts a pair of latex gloves on.

From there out, Tina takes her time playing with Andre’s pussy, slowly building up to an intense fisting. Tina’s technique is one to be admired, and I like that she doesn’t immediately go the whole hog. It’s slow, it’s measured and it’s pretty damn sexy to watch. By the time Tina’s full fist is inside Andre, and the Hitachi is brought out for some extra clit fun, Andre is visibly and audibly in heaven. And the sight of Tina’s hand completely inside Andre’s pussy is a glorious one. As is the eventual orgasm, of course.

Then, it’s time for Andre to take care of Tina, and the giggling that ensues as she flips Tina on her back (complete with a mock-surprised I totally didn’t know this was going to happen look from Tina, which, love) is utterly adorable. Tina strips off (but leaves her boots and socks on!) and it’s Andre’s turn to put on the gloves as she expertly pleasures Tina’s pussy. There’s some great banter between the two, and I can’t help but re-express my love for communication during sex all over again.

Eventually, one of the toys comes out – a beautiful, thick and marbled stone dildo (not sure which make but it is gorgeous) – and Andre carefully works it into Tina. Again, I like that these two take their time – if Andre had slid a dildo that thick into Tina right off the bat, it might have gone a bit uncomfortable.

The big climax of the scene (apart from Tina’s actual big climax) is Andre fucking Tina with the dildo. The Hitachi comes out again for a bit of clit loving and Tina’s orgasm is beautiful and fun to watch. The scene ends with some kisses and words of admiration, which I utterly love.

Andre Shakti and Tina Horn work incredibly well together. They’ve got a good chemistry going, and as I mentioned before, the non-verbal communication is spot-on. It’s a fun scene, it’s incredibly hot and, most of all, it’s also really rather funny in places. Definitely a favourite.


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