Introducing Swing to Poly: Come to the Dark Side…We Have Cookies!


Introducing Swing to Poly: Come to the Dark Side…We Have Cookies!During my speed dating event, I was introduced to the poly community in a nearby metropolitan area. I would like to say the people I met there developed into long lasting friendships… I’d like to say that. But in truth, the only person I developed any long lasting relationship with is Gwen. She is active in the poly community, both online and in this nearby city. She was also the person who encouraged me to attend the speed dating event in the first place. We were originally on the program for a speed date, but a last minute reshuffle took us off each other’s dating schedule. We decided to later see each other, though the time was delayed by both of us for different reasons, culminating in a late evening of sushi, talk, more talk and heavy making out in my truck. More dates would follow with more making out in my truck. It was very like being sixteen again.

After our first date, she invited me to a poly potluck, far to the north (for me), at a location with a community hall and a hot tub. Gwen teased me a little about the hot tub… clothing optional. This gave me pause. I have been naked for lovers, in my club, and in larger group settings. In all of these cases nudity was for play. In this case, nudity was just to socialize, and I didn’t want to embarrass myself and her. But I’m willing to try. We met and shared some food and conversation, and then she asked me if I was up for some naked hot tub time. I, of course, said yes.

I have spent some time trying to overcome body shame. I surprised myself how easily and casually I disrobed and slipped into the hot tub with 7 other naked people of all (adult) ages and both genders.  As the new guy, and the dirty swinger to boot, I tried to first determine and then maintain acceptable nude hot tub behavior. I was told this wasn’t a hook up party, but with my arm around Gwen and her lovely breasts staring at me over the water, I let my hand drift down in near darkness and played with her ass while discussing my nonmonogamy journey. We talked about Swingset and my (limited) contributions, and about what I thought I might be looking for in poly. Not bad for a second date. Gwen’s husband lounged on the other side of the tub, and he appeared fine with the development.  We talked and laughed and gazed at the night sky, while I continued playing with her ass, before dressing again and saying our goodbyes. She gave me a deep kiss and called me her “bad boy.”

Gwen and I became lovers, and I realized I was now in a poly constellation with links between people that extended over a range I hadn’t considered before (with my lover’s lover’s lover). Gwen was not really interested in swinging, but she did want to see my club and participate with just me. So I arranged for us to attend the club’s Halloween swinger extravaganza. Of all the dates to be introduced to a swing/sex club, could any night be more fun than Halloween? I dressed in my black cape and Venetian mask, while she dressed in a sexy red riding hood. We took the safety tour together, and as the club filled up she seemed to enjoy the sexy parade of people…sexy Catwoman, Slave Leia, a woman decked out only in body paint and a tail…mmmhhhmmm. Gwen and I even danced. Now I am not the world’s best dancer, but I do try. Gwen told me her other lover doesn’t dance very much, so she really enjoyed dirty dancing with me around the other couples. Finally, as the costume contest had begun, we both decided to get a room and I slipped off for my treatment with the needle. We picked a room with a window and an open entry, with no door but a rope across the threshold so she would feel safe. I told her that she would be watched, perhaps closely, but no one should enter the room or bother her.

Gwen was only a little bit reserved, she wanted to keep her corset on, but did let me remove her skirt, leaving her only in the bodice and thigh highs. She rolled a condom over my cock and began sucking me. The room chosen was just off the main hall so there would be lot of people stopping by for a gander, possibly even a leer as we played. One of the side effects of the needle is that sometimes I can go for a long time (Explainabrag!), and this was one of those times. Gwen rode me for quite a while, taking time to switch positions so we could glance at the door and see if we were being seen. But she was not used to marathon sessions, so after a while we stopped for a break and more water (don’t underestimate the need for hydration). We dressed and danced some more. I was still rock hard through dancing, but the rooms were all filling up. I asked if she would be ok playing some more in the orgy pit, an open area of 4-5 queen mattresses designed for group play. She asked if anyone would touch her, and I reassured her I would watch her back (and her front). We stripped, and this time she allowed me to remove the corset and was clad only in her thigh-highs (a fetish of mine). We started fucking in one corner of the pit while one quad and another couple played nearby. Bodypaint (with the tail) lay down next to us with her partner and spread out on her back, a lovely distraction. She slightly stretched out her arm so her hand and Gwen’s hand briefly touched, and I was about to say something, but then Gwen pulled away (she isn’t bi) and the moment had passed. Bodypaint played with her lover next to us for a little while, but soon left. I think she was disappointed. Checking in with Gwen, she hadn’t even realized they had touched.

We played then dressed and danced some more and finally ended up in the schoolroom, where the atmosphere unexpectedly brought out a kink in Gwen. She started role-playing the naughty schoolgirl, and I slipped into a teacher role as best I could. I sometimes feel “a little silly” in role play. It is something I need to practice more, but Gwen was getting totally turned on as I lifted her skirt, slipped on my third condom, and fucked her from behind with our clothes on, spanking her ass till it was pink.

As a first introduction to a swing club, I tried to make Gwen feel as comfortable and as safe as possible. She loved the club and was later regaling her husband and her other lover about the evening’s events. She wants to join and perhaps be shared by her lovers in an open space. Both the swinger and poly tribes both have very positive aspects, and open-minded people should feel free to move between the worlds. As both worlds might suggest… “Come to the dark side… we have cookies!”



The Salmon is exploring swinging and poly as a married single. Married for over 20 years, he and his love explore non-monogamy together and in different ways.

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