SS 203: A New Beginning – Loin on the Swineset, The Bedcast


Hazy insanity, that is all.

“It's like Goldschlager, you want to see the chunks.”

“When I'm rubbing lube on your cock, I want to feel the chunks.”

let me google that for you: pig penis

“Is Ginger now the other white meat?” – J.V.

Tom Ridge's Color Coding System for Swingset Podcasts “I've got a code brown.”

Cooper's Leetspeak needs some help, thought “FTW” meant “fuck the world” #oldmancooper

“Obviously we are all down with OPP.” “Other people's pork?” (Ginger wtf)

“I asked Gillian Anderson out… on twitter.” – Ginger

“We did white privilege roleplay.” – Miko



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Dylan as Tom Cruise on Oprah's Couch

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