Twin Peaks S01E02: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer – Damn Good Podcast


Cooper, Miko and Ophilia discuss their disappointment with the recent news that David Lynch will no longer be a part of the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot. They then get into this very exciting episode with some of the most memorable scenes of the series. So much to cover from the uncomfortable silence at the Horne dinner table at the top of the show, Jerry Horne's entrance, Agent Cooper explaining then using his unconventional deductive process, Ed getting grease on Nadine's cotton balls, Snake and the Bobber's encounter with Leo in the woods, the introduction of the abrasive forensic analyst Albert Rosenfield, Leland Palmer keening for his daughter, all culminating in the iconic Red Room scenes with The Man From Another Place.

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Cooper, Miko, and Ophilia, hosts of Eat The Rudecast, return to watch and dissect every episode of Twin Peaks season 1, season 2, and Fire Walk With Me, leading up to season 3 on Showtime in 2017!

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