Who Do You Want To Be Today?: Games People Play


Who Do You Want To Be Today?: Games People Play“We are game playing fun having creatures.We are the otters of the universe.” So reads Richard Bach’s Illusions. I believe this to be true, and I have thoroughly enjoyed finding sexy playtime for me and my partners. Both of my poly partners live some distance from me, so we tend to communicate via text. We also play the Trivia Crack app and made up our own rules with the victor of the game making a request of the loser. Some examples of requests that have been granted or are outstanding… go to a nude beach together, find three erotica pieces that one finds arousing, body-paint, all kinds of fun sexy things. The imagination runs wild! Other requests are more mundane in nature, but also great relationship-building things. Now in all fairness, I need to disclose I am not terrible at trivia. I do tend to win more, granting me more requests (an inequity I can certainly live with). The requests certainly make the game feel more addictive – trivia crack indeed!

Wisdom and I play trivia fairly often so the list of possible requests would be enough sexy times to last half a year (at least). But we are agreed it is better to have more requests than less, rather than have time together and nothing to do (which isn't terribly likely and I don't expect it… but I digress…).

She and I had not been to the club in quite some time, so we combed through the lists of sexy times that might be fun to engage in a public setting. On that list are a couple of role play items requested by me. Now I have a confession: I have not been great at role play. I always feel a little silly and even embarrassed at the things I want to ask for. I think some of it may be shame voices in my own head, judging me by my likes and dislikes. Instead of it taking me out of my head, past role plays have put me further back into my head, causing incongruence. But this is also something I want to work on, and like many steps on my journey, probably needs some practice.

As the evening at the club drew nearer, Wisdom told me “I have a surprise for you, and you are going to receive it at the club.” Now that was very intriguing! To say that my mind wandered a little over the possibilities would be something of an understatement.  To compound the intrigue, she added that we would be attending as a threesome with my metamour, named here for the first time as “Edge” (not The Edge…. because then he would be the guitarist from U2. I sometimes think my blogs are unconsciously mimicking Cooper with parenthesis brackets and bracers [in proper order of course]as my writing leaves the rails).

Edge and I get along very well. He is Wisdom's top, and unlike me can be rather dommy. Their play frequently includes more than a few goodies from the BDSM toy bag (bags actually, Edge sometimes arrives like he is readying for a European vacation…well… you never know!), including sensory play, impact play, and knife play (hence his pseudonym). Some of these things I like too, and some are soft (if not hard) limits. To this point most of our play as a threesome has been sexy play… you know…your standard threesome. (I am reminded of a drama my Love watches when one character asked, “How many threesomes have you been in?” “None,” replies the other. “Exactly, that's the number most people have.”) Edge is not at all bi, and he knows about my adventures, but there is a comfort level between us. We can accidentally touch and maneuver around each other without weirding out about it. That is no small thing in a threesome, especially if one member is known as bi but the other same sex member isn't.

Wisdom was travelling with Edge, and I would be meeting them at the club, playing, and then returning home after we were done. The night was absolutely mad. There was heavy snowfall, as it seemed it had been for almost every weekend this winter, so travel and parking were difficult but eventually manageable. I was waiting in line to enter the club when I saw the two of them ahead of me, and Wisdom looked positively stunning in a black dress with roses printed on it (more about that another time) and pigtails.

She wanted my surprise to come early in the night and asked me to use the needle early and take the risk that I might not be up for more later. I was happy to comply. After a quick jaunt to the men's room for the needle, I met her in the schoolroom where my jaw dropped. She was now dressed in a very short plaid schoolgirl skirt, one that really didn't cover her bottom adequately (which is why she changed into it once she arrived at the club) with a rather tight fitting white button blouse and fishnet thigh highs (purchased just for me for this occasion since I REALLY like thigh highs). Her pigtails now morphed her into a sweet but slutty schoolgirl, and my brain melted once again with lust for her.

I should mention that schoolgirl role play was a trivia request, and one that I thought might play out some quiet night just the two of us. I may have fantasized, but not seriously considered playing that way at the club. She slipped immediately into character with “I really want a good grade in class… do you think you might help me with my study?” My mind skipped a beat for a sec, thinking fast … or at least as fast as I could get blood to my brain thanks to my quickly thickening penis… I followed with one of my favorite “Dangerous Liaison” lines… “Let's begin with a little Latin.”

I began getting into the role, thinking of myself as the teacher in the Police tune “Don't Stand So Close To Me.” I started delving into the fantasy… playing the scene out for the people watching in the club, getting out of my head a little and into the performance of my character. I lost myself in the letting go of boundaries between an older man and a younger woman. I probably should mention that Wisdom and I consider ourselves equals in play, as well as in real life. She is my intellectual equal as well as my spiritual equal. The disproportion of the power of student/teacher roles let us gently test the waters of a power dynamic. I reveled in the pleasure of the fetish, of enjoying the wrongness of it, and all the time with an audience.

Wisdom made such a good school girl! I became for her the teacher bringing this girl into the depths of my depravity. We traded oral and I grasped her pigtails as handles as I instructed her how to suck my cock as if it was the first time she had tried it. This was one of her specific requests, a “blowjob lesson” so to speak, for me to feel comfortable telling her the things I liked and didn’t like. And for those experienced swingers who say “duh,” this sometimes gets into my head a little… asking for something, or the even more difficult. “No thank you” is sometimes really difficult for me. Wisdom had always given me quite pleasurable blowjobs, but the schoolgirl scene let me think of her as a new lover with no emotional landmines to worry about. I felt I didn't have to be afraid of hurting her feelings with a change in technique. I guided her on pleasuring me, for the first time since early in our play, and I think she enjoyed the challenge.

I caressed her and rubbed her, exposing her more and more to my eyes, and to the onlookers crowding round the doorway to the rest of the club. I raised her skirt and pushed aside her very cute panties, licking her as if she had never enjoyed the feeling before, embracing the physical power of our lust in a mutually acceptable virgin/whore scenario.

After a mild offense, I spanked her bare-handed. Another request of hers was for me to have a lesson in spanking from Edge. He gave me guidance in my technique for impact play after we presented her backside towards the door for proper viewing. We both struck her buttocks and thighs with various implements that he brought while Wisdom slowly shed her clothing till she was left only in her thigh highs with pinking buttocks. I learned not to cup my hand while barehanded spanking to make a more thuddy impact and less stingy for my partner (I never knew about that). Edge is a gentle teacher if a rather stern top. He recognized my vulnerability in this field, and was considerate of my headspace while tutoring me. He taught me how to use sensation play as a tease before impact. This bought her to new heights and my own kinky side started emerging on the outside, something that hasn't happened much in public or private play. Edge and I mounted her in succession one receiving oral while the other fucked, then switching off, with Wisdom's juices still on our sheathed cocks as she went down on us again (she likes her own taste). After a while… apparently quite a while, I heard from outside the schoolroom door (somewhat incredulously) “They are STILL going at it?” I know this may be a little silly, but I felt a burst of pride. I probably shouldn't care what people think, but I did something, actually several things I was unsure about, and apparently pulled off rather well. I think it was due more to Wisdom's sexy hotness than any great role playing skill on my part. But I was able to let go and fit the role onto myself as if wearing a hat in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

We spent ourselves finally then dressed and received some praise from club members who appreciated the scene. After hydrating, and letting the brain chemicals quiet down a bit, it was time for another of Wisdom’s requests to be granted.

There is more to the evening, coming to you soon in a blog near you.



The Salmon is exploring swinging and poly as a married single. Married for over 20 years, he and his love explore non-monogamy together and in different ways.

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