Programming Notes: End of May 2015 – TMSG hiatus, GPSC delay, SEAGG delay


Hi Swingset.FM listeners,

Every so often I'll post an editor's note whenever something significant happens that you may be interested in.

Tell Me Something Good

Sophie and Samantha are going to take a three to four week hiatus. They're looking forward to coming back with their usual wonderful week to week interviews and stories. I look forward to seeing them back near the end of June!

Sex Ed a Go-Go

Episode 7 of Sex Ed a Go-Go is delayed but is also almost fully baked and ready for release, we're just waiting on the final touches. This will be the first episode that is brand new to the world of podcasting and also the beginning of our wait for parity with the live show. We'll continue releasing every two weeks until then!

The Gentleperverts' Social Club

I was expecting to release an episode today (it's my baby!) but a wonderful person I expected to record with wasn't able to make it. Instead of releasing an episode a little short I'm going to move the release to next week. Episode 3 will feature some more banter from Ginger and the Professor pre-orgy in their Intellectual Foreplay segment, Michelle Renee will be back with a story about Pussy Confidence, we'll play a recording live from a Chicago based show called Menage a Hah featuring our own Cooper Beckett reading a selection from his book My Life on the Swingset titled: How to Hide a Sex Swing, I'll call out the swinger community, and we'll see where a fifth segment goes!

Thanks listeners, see you all soon!


As a co-host on Life on the Swingset and creator of The Gentleperverts' Social Club, Dylan Thomas speaks candidly about nonmonogamy, kink, and non-normative sexuality to eradicate the stigma and shame that keep people from expressing and being who they want. He brings awareness to issues involving gender identity, equal rights, and intersectionality by creating discussions with people who feel unaffected by them. He also creates learning opportunities for men to become stronger allies and better people. Find and feel free to engage him on Twitter.

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