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Review: FrolicMe WebsiteI was asked to review FrolicMe for this website some time ago, and although I got a pretty good impression of the website and its workings, I’ve been hesitant in actually putting my thoughts down for you all.

FrolicMe is a relatively new addition to the “female-friendly” porn site world, promising a new chapter in erotic cinema. It’s quite a lofty claim but to an extent, FrolicMe does provide something new: each film does not only come with a photo gallery but an erotic short story version of the film, written by an erotica writer of the website owner’s choice.

Now, I do like the idea of marrying visual erotica with written erotica. As a writer of erotic fiction myself, I can but applaud this idea and hope that other sites look into partnerships with erotica writers – it’s a way of creating something new, an amplified experience, if you will.

However, I’m not really a fan of lofty claims – the website owner boldly (to her own admission) stating that FrolicMe is the “sexiest online dedicated erotic site designed for women and couples” is enough to make me put on my best Tim Gunn Project Runway “I’m dubious” face.

The owner obviously has good intentions, and the site (and the films themselves) look very aesthetically pleasing. But it isn’t new. It isn’t a revolution, not as a whole. It leans heavily towards being a mix of things you’ve already seen from people like Erika Lust and standard M/F porn, with a dash of F/F thrown in and a pinch of influence from Fifty Shades of Grey for good measure.

No, seriously, Fifty Shades of Grey is mentioned quite a lot.

I understand what Anna, the owner and creator of FrolicMe, is aiming to do. And I applaud her commitment to offering a broad range of types of content, and her reasoning that marrying words with pictures (both stills and films) is a way of engaging the mind on a deeper basis. But again, the content is not “so much more than the expected porn stories.” Couples voyeurism, hot sex between a husband and a wife, femsub, M/M/F, pleasures with a kinky hotwife… all of these are mentioned as being present on the site and none of these are exactly unfamiliar territory for neither erotica writer nor pornographer.

Switching to a more upbeat note again – the site is pretty straightforward in the way of navigation and although the copy needs a bit of work, it’s still very lovely to look at. I like that Anna gives regular updates on her shooting adventures via her magazine, in which she also writes opinion pieces and interviews the authors she works with. And to answer the question she poses in one of her articles: yes, I would very much like to see you do a film about a woman watching a guy masturbate, because THAT is something I both get off on and (at least on the sites I frequent) don’t really see that often.

Perhaps crowdsourcing ideas for films is an avenue FrolicMe can explore? Getting input from the people they want to be catering for might be the way to go for more varied content – after all, sexuality comes in more shades than grey.

But this is all just one person’s opinion. If you want to check out FrolicMe for yourself, I do encourage you to do so. The membership fees won’t make your wallet cry at all, the billing is discreet and you get a lot of bang for your buck. And maybe, in time, FrolicMe will become THAT place to be for innovative new porn. I can only hope, because this site shows a lot of promise – it just needs to do something truly unique to lay a claim on the market.


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