Approaching The Swingset – Part One: Beginnings


Approaching The Swingset - Part One: BeginningsHi, my name, or more accurately my alias, is Goku. My wife Pinkie and I are new to the lifestyle. It’s weird to say that, it feels like I should get a collection of massage oils, a revolving bed, and a big gold medallion to wear with my loosely tied kimono. You know, the one I throw onto the velvet couch in our bedroom in front of the glass coffee table with lines of cocaine ready to snort from rolled hundred dollar bills. Sorry, I may have thrown some seventies porn and Scarface into that analogy. I think you probably get what I’m trying to say here. There’s a stigma that exist for those not in the lifestyle. To be perfectly honest, my wife and I have only told two other people -besides those we have played with of course- and I don’t think we’ll tell anyone else. I’m a pretty private person, hence the alias, I don’t even have a Facebook. I’m not sure what the norm is; we’ve only played a handful of times.But before any of that there were a couple of glances and a question that lead my wife and I to where we are now.

First, a little history on us, Pinkie and I met three years ago and married soon after, we’ve been living happily ever since. Oh, and we have amazing sex! Seriously, amazing! On an average week we are intimate anywhere from five to ten times, sometimes hitting those numbers in a weekend! I’m not trying to brag, especially considering where this blog is; just trying to explain the reasons we got into the lifestyle. On occasion, after I suggested it, we would watch a porn video while having sex. She had not really seen a lot of porn at this point. I, on the other hand, had. Pinkie really took to it, much to my delight, and she really got in to watching porn. I even bought a DVD she picked out not just the internet porn all the “kids” are into nowadays! Over time, I noticed that Pinkie wasn’t nearly as interested in the guys as she was the girls in the videos. It pleased me.

Then, one night after fucking for the second or third time she asked what my fantasies were. I told her that I liked cheerleader and school girl outfits and she coerced out of me that I wanted get a blowjob while playing video games which she immediately made good on! I’ll never look at Mario the same way, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…(sigh) After the potential scarring of a beloved childhood icon in my mind went down, pun intended, Pinkie asked if I had ever fantasized about being with two girls, I believe the French call it a ménage a trios. Of course, I had! I have told other women this before to either indifferent, dismissive, or even disgusted responses, but there was a curiosity and intrigue in her voice when she asked. I told her that I had and she was giddy! She admitted that she had always been a little attracted to women and even more since watching porn. I was, as you could imagine, extremely pleased to hear that! We started talking about having a threesome, the logistics and semantics of how one worked. We ended up watching a few threesome videos as research and having sex a couple more times before falling asleep.

After the first conversation we had about it went so well, it became a regular topic for us to visit, which usually lead to some great sex. We talked about what we would do to her, what she would do to us, which celebrity we had in mind (me – Emma Stone, her – Jennifer Lawrence), and what would be allowed. Luckily for both of us, barring more freaky stuff, we had no limitations for the other. She wanted to watch me have sex with another girl as much as anything else she wanted, and I wanted her do whatever she wanted. Why wouldn’t I? We decided to actually go for it after talking about it so much and began keeping an eye out for potential candidates. I’m sure at least some of you can relate to how hard that task is. I had no female friends to consider and she didn’t want to ask any of hers. We tried Craigslist, but that’s hit or miss with even regular stuff. Plus Pinkie wasn’t comfortable with being with someone she had never met before, especially for her first girl. I completely understood and the search continued.

It wasn’t until four months later until we had a co-worker of mine with her boyfriend over for dinner. The couple (Let's call her April and him Casey) were not on the best of terms. They fought constantly and April had always told me that she wanted to leave Casey. April and I got along really well, in fact, I referred to her as the female version of me because of our similar taste. Pinkie had only met April a handful of times, but they became fast friends. Casey on the other hand, and as mean as this sounds -I’m sure everyone can relate, was tolerated so that we could hang out with April. But it wasn’t until this night that I realized how much the two girls might have wanted to ‘hang out.’

Throughout the evening, I kept catching Pinkie checking April out, and looks were returned. April even complimented Pinkie’s shirt and said she was super cute! I saw a look in Pinkie’s eye that I’ve only seen before sex or while looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked photos. Shut up, you looked! After they left Pinkie and I cleaned up and headed for bed. After some vigorous love making, Pinkie rolled over and asked me what I thought about April…  

To be continued.


My name is Goku, I’m a writer and my wife Pinkie and I are new to the lifestyle. We met online over three years ago and fell in love on our second date as we had a star gazing picnic. I proposed on our year anniversary and we married five months later. This is a blog about our journey into the lifestyle as we continue to explore each other and with each other.

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