Approaching The Swingset – Part Two: Opportunity


Approaching The Swingset - Part Two: OpportunityRead part one here.

It was decided, April was the girl for us! Pinkie had become very attracted to her and I admitted I was too. We started dirty talking about her during sex, what we would be doing to her and what she would be doing to us. My big desire was to have both of them go down on me while making out, she wanted April to lie on top of her while I took turns fucking them both. Pinkie would text me at work asking how April looked and wanting me to describe her. Both of us would ask random sexy questions to each other concerning what April liked in bed and I told Pinkie every dirty thing April ever said to me. But how does one make the leap from fantasy to reality? How do we ask her?

Pinkie and I ran through scenarios all the time: inviting April over and accidentally spilling wine all over her forcing her to take off her clothes and see what happens, or saying I was dying and it was my last request, bribe her, or just be honest- to take a risk and just ask her. Nothing seemed to click!

April and I worked as, oh let’s say commercial carpet cleaners, and spent a lot of time just the two of us. Like I said, we got a long really well and talked all the time. We talked about various things, including sex from time to time. Leading to the topic was simple enough, but how do you make that leap? “Yeah I like car sex too. Hey, crazy idea! Want to lick my wife’s pussy while I fuck you doggy style?” doesn’t really roll off the tongue. I had to wait for the right opportunity. Even if I did, we still had concerns. We didn’t know if April was even attracted to women, sure she said certain female celebrities were hot, but all women do. Plus there was the Casey obstacle, how do we handle that? And of course, would she be into it? One grand day I got the answers and my chance!

April had just gotten back from a training trip out of state. When I first saw her I could tell she was suppressing a smile. As we prepped our work truck I asked how her trip went and she gave a curt, ‘fine’ and let the subject drop. I knew she was hiding something and decided to slowly pry. On the way to the hotel we were cleaning I asked her about the training, and if she learned anything, did she like the trainers, and if she had fun. She went silent after my last question, and then asked if she could admit something to me. I said sure and she blew my mind! She told me that before her flight out that she and Casey got into a huge fight (shocker) and she was done with him. Once she landed and checked in to her room, she headed for a bar. After a few drinks with a ‘hot ass Canadian chick’, as she put it, they ended up going back to April’s room and fucked all night! Two of our three concerns just got knocked out of the park! As soon as we got to the hotel we were cleaning, and I felt comfortable to stand again, I called Pinkie and gleefully updated her on the latest developments.

We decided that I would take a more aggressive approach with April and ask her by the end of the week. Pinkie then said something to me that would make any husband instantly excited and suspicious. My beautiful, amazing, cool wife told me that she had been fantasizing about me fucking April at work and if I got the chance to take it! After convincing me that it wasn’t a trick, I agreed to Pinkie’s brazen request. The things I do for love!

April and I began working in one of the rooms and talking. Due to the topic we were previously on it was easy to get back to conversing about sex. Specifically how she loved being with another woman. I commented that Pinkie shared her desire but had never gotten the chance too. April seemed intrigued and said that she thought Pinkie was cute, then said that she always wanted to be someone’s first girl. I asked if she had ever been with a guy and a girl at the same time. She hadn’t been but always thought about it. It seemed time to lay my cards down, be honest and take a risk and just ask her. Who knew that was the strategy that would pay off, my money was on the dying thing!

I told April that Pinkie and I had wanted to bring another woman into our bed and that we wanted it to be her and asked if she would be interested. I braced myself for a ‘fuck you!’ slap to the face, and kick to the groin but got a ‘fuck yeah’, high five, and checked out instead! She admitted that she had a feeling the question had been coming and was greatly anticipating it. Never know until you ask, right? I was thoroughly relieved, excited, and extremely turned on! I then remembered Pinkie’s request of me. I did my husbandly duty and told April what Pinkie wanted us to do. In response, she shut the door behind her and pushed me onto the bed.

We striped off each other’s clothes as we made out. I bit her neck and she moaned in pleasure! I barely was able to get my pants off before she grabbed my hard cock and took it into her mouth. While sucking she slipped off her panties and I brought up her to sit on my face and licked her lips up and down making her cum. She then scooted down and slid me into her. As she rode me I could only imagine how great it would be once Pinkie could join us! April and I finished and we got dressed, only to stop, strip, and fuck again against the wall. Once we were completely finished I called Pinkie and told her everything. She was ecstatic and made me tell her every detail as she touched herself under her desk…



My name is Goku, I’m a writer and my wife Pinkie and I are new to the lifestyle. We met online over three years ago and fell in love on our second date as we had a star gazing picnic. I proposed on our year anniversary and we married five months later. This is a blog about our journey into the lifestyle as we continue to explore each other and with each other.

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