The P-Spot is the New Male Orgasm


The P-Spot is the New Male OrgasmThe female G-spot is regularly evoked in pop culture. Does it is exist? Doesn’t it? Does it make you come harder? Does it make you ejaculate? Any woman who has gotten comfortably acquainted with her sexual response knows about it, knows where hers is and knows exactly how to tweak it to enjoy its benefits. How delicious and hot to add variety to that repertoire of pleasure-filled orgasms.

Interestingly, there is a similar orgasm available to men that most shy away from simply because that pleasure button lies within the backdoor: the P-spot. Prostate stimulation in men creates an entirely different sensation while climaxing, so I hear. I’ve seen the results of said pleasure button, and, damn, it looked like it felt incredible!

Before totally blowing off the idea of anal play, stop and consider the pleasure you may be passing up. Before you rule out anal exploration for any reason, I invite you to forgo judgment and simply pursue your pleasure. Worst case, you are out an evening’s worth of time and a bit of lube. Best case, you climax in a way that redefines your entire concept of orgasm.

For the brave and confident hotties out there willing to pursue this intense pleasure, start by showering, clipping your finger nails and getting comfortable on your bed or a sofa. Have some water-based lube on hand. If playing with a partner, your partner may choose to wear a latex glove to increase the smoothness and glide factor. Relax. Lube up your fingers and gently rub and stimulate your perineum, also known to most men as the taint. As that starts to feel enjoyable, begin gently massaging your anus. As you relax, you’ll find it becomes easier and more comfortable to begin inserting your finger. As you, or your partner, are able to slide that well-lubed finger up inside, feel toward the front of your body about two inches in. When you encounter a small bump with a distinctly more firm feel, you’ve found your P-spot.

It’s important to stay relaxed, stay lubed and not to expect any magic until you begin to get more sexually revved. Stimulation of the P-spot feels different when your not particularly turned on compared to when you could explode at any second. Experiment. Play. Try different types of stimulation: stroking, thrusting, gentle constant pressure or more intense pressure. As always during anal play, keep in mind a finger or a toy inserted should either be reserved for just anal stimulation or washed before any vaginal play.

With practice, your partner can stimulate your P-spot during an awesome oral session, an able hand job or while riding you reverse cowgirl. Yee ha! If you, or your partner, want your hands free, try an anal toy like the LELO Bob. As you learn to love your P-spot, you can graduate to more sophisticated and specialized anal toys.

I can’t speak for all women, but a man confident enough to seek his ultimate orgasmic pleasure and explore the many ways his body responds to new ways of playing is a hot, sexy man in my world. Here’s to exploration and mind-blowing P-spot orgasms!


As an oversexed, omnisexual castaway from the sexually-repressed culture, Ginger believes the next sexual revolution of total sex-positivity is just around the corner and it’s time for the revolutionaries to unite! Be her friend on Facebook - Follow her on Twitter

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