IF 007: Kink – Intellectual Foreplay


Kinky stuff ahead! Prof and Ginger discuss their kinks, how they discovered their kinks, and what they do with their kinks in the world of open relationships. Dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, and mashups of everything kinky can trigger both guilt and shame as well as be a catalyst for letting go of hang ups that keep us all from our pleasure. Embracing your kinky side leads to your full sexual fulfillment.

Friends of Intellectual Foreplay and the Swingset, J.V. and Shara make smart, sexy things! Listen here: http://www.sexualdarkage.com

Tristan Taormino’s rough sex resources are amazing. Buy them here at SheVibe.com: http://www.shevibe.com/movies-and-books.aspx

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Ginger and the Professor indulge their sapiosexual selves for discussions about relationships, non-monogamy, and working and playing together.

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